Is Nothing Sacred to Some of the Washington Capitals Fans?


You may all feel free to call me a “cry baby”, a “sissy”, a “wuss”, a “softie”, or any term (some I can’t type here) that describes my not-so-happy feelings about some of the Washington Capitals fans today. I’ve been a fan for at least 30 years and I was getting all fired-up, like everyone else, so when they were knocked out of the playoffs in round 1 last night, it wasn’t a great day for me. I went to sleep convinced that the head coach was a “mental midget” compared to the brilliant strategist that is the Montreal Canadiens head coach.

However, there is nothing that can be done about it and today is another day. The NHL season still continues and there is still more hockey for the hockey-lovers like me. I will have to “keep the faith” for another 82 games and hope the Washington Capitals get the chance at the cup again. I wrote a blog post on my hockey blog this morning. I have a positive attitude. I was happy to see Brooks Laich could at least make some hard work payoff at some point. I figured I’d root for the Montreal Canadiens to win the cup, because both Buffalo and Phoenix had been taken in the 1st round, along with the Capitals. Some team will win the cup this year. Hockey did not come to a sudden end because the Capitals did not make it any further along the playoffs.

What I got for my positive attitude was a pile of personal attacks from embittered Capitals fans who were so enraged with indignity¬†about the fact that a team I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER WHATSOEVER tanked early in the playoffs. As a behaviorist, I know that most of those fans are simply getting out all of their frustration. I shouldn’t take it personally. It’s hard to do that however. Mostly because someone actually sent me an e-mail that said, “that brain tumor should have killed you – you stupid bitch stop spreading your capitals sunshine and now you think its a good idea to cheer for the team that beat your favorite team – your mother should have had an abortion.” I cut and pasted that straight out of my e-mail box.

So yes, I am a little baby who can’t take it and I will now go crying all the way home wee-wee-wee. That kind of stuff is just so far over the line that I will contemplate the removal of the my other blog for good. It is just a game and I am just a human.

Music will help me get past it – peace – mia (