10/20 – Guster, Charity, Washington Capitals – GET TO D.C. THIS WEEKEND!!!!


To the few who kept coming back here, looking for new input and then e-mailed me to let me know that I was a no-good slacker for not keeping this side of my blog up-to-date, thanks for not cutting me a break. I needed some poking and prodding as a reminder that I should be less neglectful of my musical side. For those who only read this blog and not my other, more hockey-focused blog, here is the reason why I’ve been less active on the “ether-verse”.

I haven’t had the best of luck on the health side of my life, so for me, it’s always a continuous struggle to keep consistency in any shape or form. That kills me on the inside sometimes. A few days ago, that internal demon popped its nasty little head up and took over. It wasn’t pretty. I still feel as though I will never get an accurate diagnosis or treatment of any condition that seems to bring me down in the health department. Doctors and lab results come and go, but never seem to mean much. It’s one of the reasons I am being ultra-careful and proceeding very slowly in working out how to deal with Lymphoma as a part of my life.

I’ve spent a lot of time in hospitals, medical offices, specialized diagnostic facilities since 2005. Mainly, all that ever got me was bankruptcy, confusion, frustration, anguish and depression. I stopped taking medications at a certain point in 2008, despite all the multitudes of warnings and so forth I received from various parties. I will say that I didn’t just stop, I took the time to ween myself off of everything. Then eventually, I could start over with a clean “baseline”. I didn’t need most of the crap I was prescribed. I don’t need pain therapy. Pain is something I learned to accept as a part of my everyday. It gets indescribably bad sometimes, but I don’t have to pay a single penny to get through it and I’m not plying myself full of synthetic substances to only temporarily counter the pain.

I do the very best I can every single day. I never stop trying and I never stop working as hard as I can to live MY life, the way my nature prefers. I’m happy to have mostly good ears so that I can hear all the music sent out into the Universe. I’m glad I have eyes so that I can see all the spectacular NHL action, or at least read about it if that’s all I got. I do not let the idea of all my many fortunes slip away very often. I did that a few days ago, but it was merely a blip and it was gone faster than it came. Which brings me to reason I am typing here today: Guster the awsome band I will forever pimp.

Guster recently released another CD called “Easy Wonderful”. Now I am aware that I slipping in my old age, but I did pre-order the CD and have listened to it many times at this point. My favorites from the album right now are “Architects and Engineers” and “Do You Love Me”. I am a rather pushy pimp of the Guster, so they get a lot of blog time dedicated to them, as compared to most other subjects. Here’s a hint for all those who “don’t quite get it” – GO SEE THEM LIVE AND ALL WILL BECOME CLEAR.

Yes, I am pleased to report that my favorite threesome from “Wooshtah” (yeah, that’s the right way to pronounce Worcester and okay they aren’t really from there – just let me go on it because I HAD to type “wooshtah” for theatrical reasons) have put out another good one! GO GUSTER, IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY, GO GUSTER…uh, oops, the doctor warned me against letting the entire world I was a complete freak. Well too late I guess. GO GUSTER. I strongly recommend getting the CD and seeing them on tour. Go to Guster.com right now – It’s Easy Wonderful!!!!

As for the Gusters and their GREEN TOUR, I have always had an awesome time when I have seen them play live. Sometimes I feel as though the median age of the audience stays the same as I get farther and farther away from that number, but what the heck – I’m still very much a kid at heart and screw it I say. I’m going to be one of those “old people” the youngsters make fun of while they are pointing and laughing. I can’t wear pleather pants anymore (actually, I only wore them once to a Barenaked Ladies show in reading, PA – those things DO NOT BREATHE and I learned what the term Monkey-butt meant that night), but I’ll happily make a complete fool of myself for the sweet sound of a live Guster show any day!!! You should too!

Unfortunately, I am heading into homelessness and getting to the DAR Constitution Hall in DC this Saturday to hear the former Tufts students lay down some yummy sound will be next to impossible. It’s a special night too, because they are raising money for the ClearWater Initiative. If I had any way to find the money and get to DC, I would with no doubt. But for those who aren’t dead, seriously ill, or misanthropists – GET OUT TO SEE GUSTER IN DC THIS SATURDAY AND DO YOUR PART TO RAISE SOME MONEY FOR GOOD THINGS! Tell them “Jalopy” sent you – Brian W. must have been reading the “Grapes of Wrath” or something when he assigned me my “Official Guster Member Name”. Rock on with the charity events!

Of course, there’s another reason I should be in DC on Saturday, October 23 – The Washington Capitals are also doing their part to raise money for a fantastic charity, http://www.leukemia-lymphoma.org/hm_lls. Now if you did click on this link, then you know understand why this particular charitable drive is important to me.

If you are at all interested in ice-hockey, the Washington Capitals, music, caring that I asked very nicely to click here: http://www.lls.org/capsfans, please make your donation through the CAPS fundraising initiative to help the people in the LOCAL D.C. area who are probably hockey and/or music-loving, obsessed pimps of all things good in the world (like Guster and the CAPS).

Dear Hockey Gods and/or Thunder Gods: would it be possible for me to get to D.C. this weekend? I know, I’m always asking for stuff like, “Please let the Capitals win the Cup this year!” and “Please don’t close down Merriweather Post Pavillion”. You have always been good to me, so I will make you a deal – if I can either see Guster this weekend and/or see the CAPS play this weekend – I promise to speak no further ill of Don Cherry (oh boy, this one will be tough ;-)AND I’ll never allow this sort of outburst to happen again.

No matter my status, this weekend looks to be a great weekend in the nation’s capital. I wish all the best to ClearWater Initiative and Guster in their fundraising efforts. I HOPE that everyone who is not at the Washington Capitals game this Saturday is at the DAR Constitution Hall. (Does Ted Leonsis own this venue too?)

I’ll be there (both places) in spirit as always. Thanks to Guster for the new music and GREEN concerts. Thanks to the Washington Capitals for raising money that is of great importance to me and A VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL WHO FACE CHALLENGES WITH A BRAVE FACE AND A NEVER SAY DIE ATTITUDE – YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!! Love your music. Love your hockey. peace-mia


Be A Rock Star, Name an Album and Blog Updates 4/16/10


Hi there musical-types. BLOG UPDATES – The photo album has been updated and if you like 80’s hair, dirt bikes and young girls drinking beer, you should check it out (just for laughs). Also, I’ve been working hard at getting archives together and the 2006 and 2007 archives are complete. A lot of love and care has been put into my other blog, so stop by and see what’s up in “goalie world”.

You are running out of time to enter your band’s best song at OurStage.com to win a contest to OPEN FOR BON JOVI!!! Get on it rockers – stop reading my blog dumbass and go here http://www.ourstage.com/go/bonjovi, or here http://www.bonjovi.com/ourstage. The deadline is approaching and you can’t be a ROCK STAR if you don’t do things like this. Put on your best pleather pants and shred your bad self.

Guster is a great band I’ve enjoyed for many years now and they are seeking someone who has the magic “album naming” touch so go to www.guster.com and share your “title” genius with the rest of the world. The Gusters aren’t sitting around all day waiting for you – well, maybe they are, but still – better sooner rather than later.

Don’t forget to check out Barenaked Ladies on tour right now. This is a band YOU MUST SEE LIVE. Information here.

The 1st round of the NHL playoffs is well underway and I’m feeling my inner-Ovechkin.

Might I have some more music please sir!-GO CAPS!-peace – mia (sciencegirl99@excite.com)