Two Become One


As promised last year, the whole shall be reunited as was meant to be from the beginning. This blog is currently being moved and archived onto my other blog Singing From The Crease. To those of you who have remained readers of this blog and any incarnations previous, I can never express my gratitude enough for your time and consideration. Always know I have shared as openly as possible in the hope that one of you have found comfort, a laugh, a bit of information that has proved helpful, a perspective that was new or simply amusement while passing the time. You are true champions to me. Do not ever forget how appreciated you are as you continue down your particular path in life. My heart is always with music and it is music that has kept me able to be in love with hockey as long as I have. The two must now become one.

Nothing found here will be left behind. Anything that would have been found here in future will be where my heart will always be… Singing From The Crease.

Peace, as always and may the music always bemuse. I love you. Mia and @creasesinger on Twitter