Archives – February 2007

Aha – Fooled Me!

Monday, February 19, 2007, 12:49:00 PM

I’ve been even more busy that usual these last two months. However, I decided to take a few minutes this morning to let any or all readers know that everything written in the previous blog entry has changed and it should be disregarded.

Currently, I am unemployed and taking care of two residences, my dude, a teenage Latvian, four cats and I can’t even tell you how many plants. My mother went down on the driveway and broke her hip. Since then she’s been moved five times, had two surgical procedures, one stroke (or something like it) and sometimes she can talk to you as though everything is just fine, but other times she will talk to you as though she is five, and still other times she gets very rude and nasty and will even yell at you for seemingly no reason at all. My personal favorite is when she gets into mega-panic mode. If you were to watch her in this mode, you’d think that the world was on fire and she only had minutes, or seconds even, to get something done in order to put the entire world out, including herself. She’s always had certain “quirks”, let’s say, but she’s really hit the skids and fast.

I have not forgotten about my blog. I will be back as soon as I can.

Peace, music and conservation to you all in 2007 and beyond. Love, Mia


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