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The Postal Service has a lot of power

Wednesday, August 29, 2007, 12:59:00 AM

…for all the tea in China and oh my kingdom for a horse – all of life is a newly played course…

I’ve determined that the archives from my previous blogs won’t be hosted here at Blog-City. I have tons of space elsewhere, and an easy uplode interface, so perhaps I can get the archives up faster than originally thought. We’ll see. Everything will be linked properly back and forth so the archives will be user friendly.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am so relieved that Michael Vick DID NOT bet on the killing of dogs. Wow, that changes everything! Okay, so my sarcasm came out on this one a bit. Considering the name of my organization, I believe I’m being very generous and understanding. I don’t want to have the fact that dogs died in horrible ways to get swept under the rug. I could care less about Michael Vicks football career. I could care less about Atlanta Football. If people can look beyond the football, they’ll see it. IT is the reason people like me exist. Frankly, this gives me plenty of opportunity to point out all the things about dog fights that perhaps some people do not know.

Some dogs never actually fight. Some aren’t tough enough or have some sort of problem that makes them unable to fight well. Those dogs are sometimes used as a “chew toy” for the dogs who do fight well. The toughest dogs are allowed to use the “chew toy” dogs for practice.

Sometimes, racoons and other small animals are used to give the dogs something to chase for exercise. The animal being chased is usually harnassed and cannot escape.

Dogs that have been trained to fight and are then removed from the “fighting” atmosphere are more likely than any other rescued animal to be put to sleep because they are too dangerous to people and other animals.

Maybe Michael Vick should be required to volunteer, under supervision, for the ASPCA. I would say the same if I found out that an NHL player were involved with dog fighting. Education, or lack there of, regarding animals, and the world in which we all live is my main concern, so sports don’t mean anything to me in this matter. Just in the same way that music means nothing to me regarding DMX, who has recently been found in a similar situation as Michael Vick.

So onto an entirely subject – golf. I suppose I should admit, that although I am a complete hockey whacko (I like the “H” there for emphasis), I do know a fair amount about other sports. For a long time I tried to avoid North American Football. However, most of my good friends or former dates and boyfriends are men (all of my “dates” were men) and they tend to like their football. I have watched enough football now to understand what’s actually going on now. For the longest time, I didn’t get the terminology or the rules and a lot of the basic stuff. Eventually, it all sunk in and now I try to learn and pay attention. Obviously, I’ll chose hockey over football any time – always. But, the point is that I know several people who play golf. I have not actually played an entire round of golf or even a back or front nine, but there are two things I know about me if I were to play golf. The first is that my short game is crap! The second is why I brought up golf in the first place.

Several people I have known over the years have told me that I’d probably be a good “whacker of balls”. As in golf balls (you went there didn’t you?). I suppose I can see where those people were coming from with that thinking. When the movie “Happy Gilmore” came out, several people said that “Happy” was a lot like me. Hey, I can skate better than that! What they meant was that I could probably sail a ball pretty far and that I would throw a putter at some point. I’d also probably be wearing a hockey jersey too. I might use bad language. I don’t think I’d fight Bob Barker, but I would probably have a homeless person be my caddy. I am a pretty good whacker of things, I have to admit. Oh and I like to spell “whack” as such because I tend to actually say “wh” just to be silly. I also know that scary is spelled as such. I used “scarey” in another post. It was a personal thing between a reader and me. That movie was made, what ten years or so ago? I’m not the same person as I was then, so I can’t say a lot of the “Happy Gilmore” traits don’t apply to me anymore. But I’d still probably wear a hockey jersey!

So back to golf. When I feel better, I might give it a try. I’ll probably try to ride along with a few golfers I know. I’ve learned a lot about golf over the last 10 years or so. I think, however, that anyone, anywhere in the vicinity of where I’m learning to play should be fully padded with head protection – just in case. I doubt I’d throw an actual golf club, but I’d probably hit the golf ball really, really hard ,but with no aim whatsoever. I might actually have three hours or so of free time nowadays to play.

I wasn’t passing a kidney stone the other day. It was just some very difficult female related cramps that decided to beat up my ovaries for a while. Wasn’t it Beavis, or maybe it was butthead, who said something like “ouch, my ovaries.” I suppose I’ll know what to expect next month. Well, it is better than a kidney stone (less back pain).

My very favorite cable company decided that they hadn’t stepped in it enough , so they really jumped head-long into the pile and now  – it’s really on! Oh well, I’m not surprised. They just don’t get it, so now I have some more work to do. Just what I needed.

As for the “family situation”, I can only think of one thing to type here – I don’t have a family anymore. That was not my decision, but it does create two items on my “to-do” list that are fairly urgent. One, I need to either remove my last name and walk around like Cher or Madonna and just plain be “Mia”, or I need to come up with my own “new” last name. This could be fun. I’ve had a suggestion or two and someone even came up with my very own hockey-style last name that almost no one can pronounce and only two people on Earth could possibly spell correctly. It’s origin must include four different countries! At least I get to lose my two middle names. I guess I’ll have to figure it out eventually. I’m having a housewarming/open-house gathering at my new little home on October 27 so maybe I’ll have everyone come up last name possibilities and put them in a hat, and when the guests are nice and tipsy, we can pick one from the hat for me. Of course, knowing a few of the people who will be invited, I might end up with “ballsask” or “dicklicker” or similar, so I better make some rules before I let some of my friends pick my last name.

The second “to-do” for me is to change all my estate paperwork. As a single identity “Mia”, I’m not worth a ton, so things actually get a lot easier for me in the “estate” paperwork realm. As a member of the Lueth family, the situation was quite different and much more complicated. I don’t believe I’ve actually been cut from my mother’s “estate”, but I’ll assume that’s what’s happened and just move forward from there. Most of my “estate” has been generated by me, and I never really thought I’d be included in the Lueth Estate anyway. However, I was supposed to be paid properly by my mother’s “estate” for being her Primary Caregiver over the Jan. – July time-span. My mother is not “all in there” if you know what I mean, so she doesn’t understand the big wide world anymore. Her thoughts on what my income should be are straight out of the 70’s. I gave a new job and most of my life to come to her aid when she fell and broker her hip in January 2007. I have to make a certain amount each year, so I was expecting moeny about now. At this point however, I’ll have to go through all the pain in the butt process of taking my mother to court to get paid. This may or may not happen. Personally, I don’t even like anything related to litigation of any kind, but sometimes, it really is the only way to resolve a dispute. Both of us in poor health, so litigation, to me, is big waste of time. If I can’t physically earn my own money because of my health however, I’m not going to have a choice if it comes right down to it. We’ll see.

The U.S. Postal service has my mail held hostage for some reason. I understand that the former occupants of my new little home had some “trouble” with certain substances and was unable to check the mailbox for quite some time. Because of this, the Postal Service set-it up so that mail to my address gets automatically sent back to the sender and I never see it. I made certain that I did all the right things, but I still get no mail. Well, except for a written communication from my favorite cable company. Registered mail makes it to my door. I didn’t want to pay bills anyway. (If only that excuse actually worked – but it doesn’t).

Today and yesterday were mentally draining more than anything else. I’m a little down and things look more bleek than I should allow them to look, but sometimes that’ll happen and I’ll just wait and see what tomorrow brings. I feel helpless in some respects and that sucks for someone such as me. I can’t just get up and go grocery shopping. I can’t just get up and get ready for a meeting and go on with a regular day like all sorts of other people I see on daily basis. If I’m driving and I start feeling really awful, I have to stop the car, where ever I am and wait it out. I can be anywhere, at any time and have any number of physical problems that leave me barely able to get somewhere safe where I can lie down. Sometimes, I need food right away. Sometimes, I just need to sit and sweat for a while. Other times, the arthritis caused by Lyme lock-up one of more of my most useful joints and I have to drag around a part of my body that refuses to bend. I need help, but I can’t afford to have someone drive me around, do my shopping and all that good stuff. I CAN do things on my own, but none of it happens the way society tends to want it to happen. Most of my friends still have family, and of those, most are still being somewhat supported by another person. It doesn’t work that way for me, so it is very difficult for even my closest of friends to get what’s going in my life right now. Eventually, some of them will be in a similar situation and we’ll see how they handle it when they are responsible for the care of one or both of their parents. Let’s hope for everyone’s sake that Demetia isn’t a part of their “parent bag”. People with a certain type of Dementia say and do things that they simply do not remember (or they disassociate). This can cause great confusion and discord when one has to deal with such individuals in a public venue.

Things will work out the way they work out. I just hope that I start feeling better soon enough to generate income fast enough. Okay, so this has been a two-day long blog and I think it’s time to hang it up for the evening. Music Makes Many Millions Merry! Get your hockey on! – peace – mia

Eclipse a doodle

Tuesday, August 28, 2007, 12:59:00 AM

I’m watching the local early morning news. They have something called “The Water Cooler Quetsion of the Day”. Basically, they ask the viewers a different question everyday and the viewers can e-mail their responses to be read later in the broadcast. The question for today was:  “Do you think that pre-teen girls should be required to get the HPV vaccination to attend MD schools?” From the responses, I gather that education is a problem. A woman responded that vaccinations are meant to keep diseases that spread through means other than sexual contact from spreading in the schools ans since cervical cancer can only happen through sexual contact with someone carrying at least one type, of several, sexually transmitted diseases.

OH MY! Perhaps some parental education seminars should be put together before asking some of the parents out there that particular question. Vaccinations in general are a touchy subject for many. I can’t say I agree with vaccinations on certain levels. Some vaccinations at certain ages aren’t a good idea and I do not agree with them at all. However, in this case, I at least have to put into some kind of public forum the notion that not all sexually transmitted diseases have to involve sexual contact. Depending on all sorts of factors, including hygiene, other physical contact, like hugging and playing, and certain types of activities in certain environments, one can get certain sexually transmitted diseases without having intercourse.

Also, it seems that viewer responses indicated that the general thought out there is that cervical cancer can only happen if a female gets at least on of a few certain types of sexually transmitted diseases – NO – FALSE – INCORRECT – FICTION – MYTH – URBAN LEGAND!!!!!!!!! Some females are more prone to have abnormal pap cells just naturally. Some go through their entire lives with abnormal pap screens, but no cancer or other abnormalities appear. Some can have perfectly normal cells for a long, long time and then one day, some change in a females body sets off something that leads to cervical cancer. DON’T RELY ON THE NEWS FOR THIS ONE – GO LOOK AT MEDICAL JOURNALS AND GO TALK TO A SEASONED GYN BEFORE ASSUMING YOUR GIRLS ARE SAFE FROM CERVICAL CANCER IF THEY DO NOT HAVE SEX.

The responses also indicated that the HPV vaccination tends to lead young females to think that it is okay to have sex since they have been vaccinated. So, it is up to the parent and the medical professional to explain to the young girls the TRUTH about STDs and ways to ensure that the girls can be smart and protect themselves from pregnancy and STDs. If the girls are made aware of the fact that HPV isn’t necessarily linked with sexual activity, then this parental concern should not really be a problem.

I’ve written about the fact that I had cervical cancer on this blog before. I am not sure exactly when the right time is to get a vaccination for HPV, but I do know that if young ladies out there want to increase the chances of not getting cervical cancer, to the point where, most of those young ladies won’t ever have to think about cervical cancer again, then a vaccination is a good idea. It’s important to check into all vaccinations and check for problems that might happen as a result of any vaccine. However, many vaccines have improved more lives than not. If I had a daughter, I would make sure she saw a GYN probably as soon as her period begins or by the age of 12. I’ve actually even volunteered on this blog to take a young woman to see a GYN if she had no alternative.

I understand that some people find this entire topic yucky or even worse. I happen to have a good amount of knowledge on the subject because I have had a personal experience with cervical cancer. Frankly, no one needs that crap! Really.

As for First Love Animal Services, I’ll be placing a static front page on this blog at some point, so the references to First Love will make more sense if you got to this blog in a way other than through The archives are going – slowly. I find it a bit tedious and now I’ve discovered a certain issue regarding HTML, XML and XHTML so there’s an added level of annoyance now. I’ll plow through though – eventually. I believe that a couple of months of archives will be available within the week. I have to meet with the ASPCA and I have take an Animal Emergency First Aid course this week as well. I have to deal with some legal paperwork as well. Talk about tedious….

Pre-season football’s been on and I watched a good portion of the Raven’s – Redskin’s game. I have some friends and I know some people who were formerly Washington Redskins fans between the Colts – Ravens Baltimore football dry-spell. I’m sure it was a good game on certain levels and if it weren’t for the rain, I’m sure it would have gotten more fired up toward the end of the game. Leif is New England fan, so I know a lot about the Pats. I know a lot about the Ravens as well. I hear about Orioles Baseball and keep up with standings sometimes. It’s so hard to say positive things when any baseball score gets 30. Perhaps it was an extraordinary learning experience.

My friend, Leif, is also a goalie. I think that’s why we can be buddies sometimes. We talked about it a little bit the other day. He played Lacrosse. I noticed how animated and somewhat excited we got while we were sharing “goalie” stories. He was describing the “shouts” he makes to his defense and it was the strangest sounding shit I have ever heard. It made sense when he explained it, but there’s no friggin’ way anyone but he and the defense knew what was going on with that! I think we even talked about those times when you spend most of your time prancing around in front of the net and moving the feet in various ways trying to stay ready, because the offense is having a really good day. I can’t say most goalies have the luxery to be completely bored, but I remember being outside, in the middle of winter, totally soaked with mud and snow just hoping for some action to stay warm.

I had to get to the “paperwork” stack today and it has taken much of my day, so I’m off for now – peace – mia

Gratification complication

Friday, August 24, 2007, 10:43:00 AM

I had some difficulty sleeping, so I decided to get to a subject I’ve been meaning to blog about for a few weeks. Technology is pretty much a part of the majority of Americans’ lives. I started on the first home MAC and from there, I’ve spent most of my time using and working on Microsoft platforms. As I’ve mentioned in a previous entry, I’m the one who people tend to seek out to help them with a technology or mechanical problem. It just happens that way because I seem to be good at problem solving those two specific things. However, Technology is such a “massive” word in the sense that it can mean many, many things.

Nowadays, most people in America are “trained” to expect a very quick fix, as in “instant gratification”. The first fundamental problem for me specifically, is that I take time to do things right the first time. I’m not always succesfull, but that’s always my aim. Technology is a multi-level situation and many people don’t understand that at all. Most people, or end-users, expect to push a button and expect something to happen the way they would like it to happen. If the button pushing doesn’t work, frustration starts to set-in. Once the frustration starts to set-in, end-users will do one of two things (for the most part); they will either curse technology, and/or the printer and/or the TECHIE and so on, or they will take out frustration on machinery by kicking and slamming doors and copy lids and/or throwing objects and getting in the face of the TECHIE. Most of the time, the TECHIE loses. That isn’t fun for the TECHIE now is it?

I completely understand that most problems with “technology” are entirely human operator error somewhere along the way. I also completely understand that most people don’t get that, so I expect frustration. Technology still frustrates me and I understand a lot about it, in general. However, in September of last year, I was an “Information and Technology Manager” for a multi-million dollar architect. When one has to deal with that kind of money, one might be tempted to be hard on those responsible for helping to keep money flowing, so to speak. I get that as well, so I tolerated a lot of cussing and throwing of things and slamming of mechanical parts. This was the first time that my title actually put me in charge of “technology” and now I know why I won’t do that again, unless my employer actually trusts the fact that I know more than he/she knows about certain things. I got phone calls from angry, pushy people all the time. I was expected to “roll-out” entirely new architectural software in less than a month with a single days notice. I had to try to chase around the long-time “network” independent contractor who lost sight of the end-user sometime in the mid-90’s, I’m guessing.  He was so focused on the server and the network that immediately runs back and forth through the server. Well, as far as I’m concerned, in today’s technology world, it shouldn’t take more than a week’s worth of your TECHIE’s time to add an update to each individual end-user unit (PC). That’s just silly. The contractor used to tell me that he could “push install” certain things, but major updates needed to be done on each individual hard drive seperately.

As far as certain things go, it’s a good idea for very small networks of no more than say, four computers and one printing device. However, for a 22 computer, three printer, one fax, 7 phone line and a gigantic plotter type of network we were working with; there are much more effective ways to share information among those ojects that are just as safe, secure and fairly uncomplicated. I spent a lot of time checking “levels” which takes a good bit of time. Anyway, in September of last year, my medical problems really started to get difficult to work with and that was about the time, I decided to start another job search. I had some interviews, but not offer as yet when I got a phone call from the architect. I put in my four-week notice that same day. What lead to that is a long story, but in the end, it was simply because I just plain got tired of almost everyone pissing on technology and the TECHIE, simply because they didn’t understand what was actually going on with either.

At the time, Google had just bought Sketch-up, which is useful software for architects and drafters. I purchased what I thought was a network liscence, because all information online indicated that I was purchasing a network lisence. However, it came to light very soon that the software wasn’t functioning like a “network” program should. I actually found a way around the “network” part and used my “cheat” to get more than one user up and working with the software. Eventually, I figured out that the Google techs still weren’t familiar with Sketch-up and I was told some very interesting things by some people at Google. On the exact same day that I figured out that the buying interface at the Google run Sketch-up ordering site needed to be changed, because Google’s Sketch-up didn’t actually offer “network” liscences, so I had to buy them individually, I left a message for VP in charge Google’s software division to alert him of the problem. No more than 20 minutes later, the architect made that fateful call to me on speaker phone right in the middle of the office, which is wide open. As soon as I answered the phone he started cussing and screaming because he had a deadline and I was fucking it all up for him because I’m stupid and I bought the wrong software and he’s tired of all the idiots and so on and so forth. I was on my way into the office to take care of the problem at the time, so I tried to remain calm and I told him that a high-level Google employee has ben alerted to the issue and I was coming in to purchase more individual licenses and then I hung up the phone.

The first thing I did when I walked into the office was type out a brief letter of resignation and then I spoke with the Google VP who had already sent word to have the website changed and took steps to find out why network lisences were not available. Of course, I did try to get a free lisence or two for all of “our” troubles, but he claimed he had no way to do that for “us”. I knew I could make some money as an independent contractor, so even though I didn’t have the security of another job lined-up, I felt confident about resigning from that position. Cussing and screaming and throwing things is expected in some circumstances, but I don’t tolerate complete “technology” dummies cussing and screaming at me, on speaker phone, in front of the entire office. My employer tended to “make-up” deadlines on the fly and most of those deadlines didn’t include thought about “technology”, so the “Techie” gets stuck with end-users pushing buttons and choosing things they don’t completely understand and problems with a network that was built some ten years ago and not maintained properly. Put a short-sighted deadline in the mix and life gets “interesting” for the TECHIE.

People can scream and yell at me every-so-often and I can easily take a face full of crap (figuratively speaking) if I’m the one who made the mistake and caused a problem that I had trouble fixing or something. I can take constructive criticism and I can take a bunch of crap for various reasons, but I won’t continue to take shit for things that other people just plain don’t understand, nor are they willing to trust me to take care of it. Hence, I resigned my position. My main point is that too many people put their “faith” in technology they don’t understand and on top of that, they then expect “miracles” from the TECHIE. The idea of “instant gratification” has been forced into American society very successfully and the thought is widely pervasive, so when the “technology” becomes an issue, people get frustrated and IMPATIENT. Once that happens, the TECHIE becomes the “messanger” who ends up getting “shot”. I don’t need that crap, so I don’t work for short-sighted, extremely impatient people anymore.

I feel better this morning, even though I was up for most of the night, so I’m actually going to venture out and run some errands before I start actually being able to sing entire songs in reverse! peace-mia

No Garlic – How am I supposed to ward off the vampires?

Friday, August 24, 2007, 12:50:00 AM

A new blog format is on it’s way and this particular blog will be a little different every week until the “transformation” is complete. My entries won’t change. I have been working on the archives from 2002 to present. The archives from a different blogger won’t transfer here without HTML in the blog entries, so I have to go through all of those archives (2002 – 2004) manually and remove the code. That’s actually helpful, because going back through the archives has been a learning experience so far. I could have avoided the translation problem if I’d saved the 2002 -2004 archives differently. Oh well. I know now.

My temperature is above 101 degrees F today, so I already know that I’ll be stuck inside for most, if not all of the day. I also think I might be passing a kidney stone. I’ve passed kidney stones before, so I’ll have to keep track of certain things today and decide how to proceed tomorrow. Speaking of kidney stones; here’s a situation where being a female is a blessing. Males have a much thinner space for kidney stones to exit the body through urinating. I’ve been told it’s excrutiating for men. It isn’t great fun for females, but at least we can pass stones much easier and there is much less chance of blockage.

In the beginning of May I started going through the process to start First Love Animal Services as a non-profit organization. After more consideration and after the occurance of certain events, I’ve now decided to not go the non-profit route. In the end, it’s too much paperwork. Instead, I’m an Executive Director/CEO that doesn’t have an income generated from my own business. While it may seem odd to start a for-profit business and not actually profit from it, but at the end of the day – I can get more done, faster this way. At the moment, I only have volunteers working for me here and there at the moment. I also have to consider the possibility that I need to find someone I can trust to take over in the case of my untimely demise. Anyway, so far I’ve got the logo squared away, business cards, stationary and invoices for personal pet behavioral consults set-up. I did all the creative, production and administrative work involved with all of that. Most of the income will be drawn from educational programs and private consultation and most of the profit will go right to the animals.

I think I’m starting to get a little case of “cabin fever”. I have a lot of home improvement and “green” work to do at home and I feel bad enough, enough of the time, that even a trip to the store can wipe me out. I was working on the First Love website this morning. The site is not currently “up” and what you see now is a basic template that includes major details. I’ve been developing the site myself. It’ll be a little while before the site is ready for upload, but pictures of Emma, the cat up for adoption, will be available soon and certain other information and links will be be available before the website is ready for public view. I think the combination of all the “techno-stuff” I was working on today and being inside for so long made me a little “whacky”. I started trying to sing a song entirely in reverse. I actually spent a good bit of time trying to work that out this afternoon. Hmmm – I suppose I should really try to get out a bit more often.

I’ve been craving tacos and salsa, and meatsause/w meatballs over hot, steamy pasta. I can’t have any of that. TV commercials just aren’t fair. Almost every commercial advertising some sort of edible goodness, features something I can’t eat. No acidic foods, at all. No tomato products, other than fresh tomato, no BBQ sauses, no pepper products, no soda, no caffine, no adding sugar or salt, no alcohol, no chicken, no grapefuit, oranges, or peaches, no pineapple, no rasberries, or grapes, uh, let’s see, no salad dressing other than no-fat cheese based varieties, no olives, no Feta cheese, no juice, no ice-cream, no ice-milk, no steak, no potatoes, no roast beef (hot or cold), no onions, no garlic and much more I can’t think of at the moment. I can have low-carb, sugar-free, vanilla flavored yogurt though! I can drink low-fat yogurt smoothies. I’m about ready to start gnawing on cardboard. Well, no, but I want to fire-up the grill and toss all sorts of yummies on there, covered with various spices or sauces. I try very hard to just enjoy all of the things I can eat, but since I’ve been house-bound recently, certain things I miss more than others. I like food, so this is a difficult adjustment. My GERD has caused enough damage so that anything acidid hurts when I try to eat or drink it. My blood pressure requires me to really pay attention to my salt intake. Anyway, thoughts of a nice big taco salad and a hot plate with lasagna and garlic bread with lemon pepper grean beans keep hovering at the front of my mind. Stupid TV.

I wouldn’t want to forget my good buddy Michael Vick, well obviously I’m unhappy about his activities with dogs. Let me restrain my normal rant-style typing-frenzy and simply say that the man didn’t do it for money, he simply liked to watch animals die. Which NFL team is going to back someone who likes to watch animals die? We’ll see –

I discovered some ants today. They brought their friends and family over for a picnic. “I have ants Jerry, ANTS!”

I had many things I wanted to include in this entry, but I’ll have to save them for another day – peace – mia


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