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Always be Ready

Friday, April 13, 2007, 8:52:00 AM

I suppose I won’t do one of my normal …(insert some kind of rhyme or 8 here)… bit today. People have asked me why I do that and what it means. To pull the most appropriate words out of my brain to explain is not easy and would never really be totally accurate, so here’s the best I can do – I have no idea. I just did it one day on one of my former website’s pages called “Almost Daily Ruminations.” After that it just happened as naturally as I breathe so I just do it. Sometimes what I type is fairly clear and a “meaning” is apparent. Sometimes it is not. I control the content only minimally and the rest just happens. Also, remember that … everything is a continuous thought…

I had a great time at the CAPS game, although the Buffalo fans totally sucked up the seats and put on a passionate display outside the Verizon Center. Those fans got on the bus with a little less vim the next day in Philly, I’m sure. I have no thoughts about the playoffs at the moment. I just want to get my hockey in before the summer hiatus. I might chime in later.

Okay, I started this about a week ago and I’m just now finishing while watching the end of the Calagary Flames and the Detroit Redwings. I’m just plain pissed off at the behavior of some of the players, mostly those who play for the Flames. As a goalie, I can honestly say that all goalies think about doing it – but most don’t. They let the back-up goalie in for the last few minutes and that asshole went straight to dirty and shitty without hesitation and to top it off, Jerome Iginla loses his shit and goes nuts on people. Listen up shitwads (Iginla and company), most people only watch hockey during the playoffs and of those, most watch only on a major network, like NBC! You guys just fucked up in such a major way by putting on such a display of dirty slashes and the butt end of sticks. If it were up to me, I’d give Detroit the series win, remove the goalie whose name won’t be mentioned here from the NHL completely and suspend Iginla so that he cannot play the first game of the 2007-2008 season.

I’m in a real sour mood now, so I’ll come back here a bit later.

Hockey isn’t like that. Somebody must of spiked those idiots waters with Jerry Springer poison.

Go have your music – AND DON’T PLAY DIRTY – peace – mia


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