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Changing a game day tradition and my hair grows anyway

Tuesday, October 30, 2007, 12:59:00 AM

I feel like poo again this morning – out here in the GHV. No matter, things have to get done today. I didn’t go to my sleep study last night and I’m sure I’m going to hear about it later. Priorities change all the time when a vehicle becomes a luxery. I have to go to the dentist for sure – today! I only get the vehicle for about 6 good hours!!! But who cares, right? Let’s get onto more interesting topics. Washington is in Toronto for tonight’s game. I’ll be adding some pregame thoughts a bit later, I suspect. First though, I’ll answer a question asked of me recently regarding the “grower of hair” link above. The link goes to Locks of Love, where information on how people can donate at least 10 inches of hair to be used in wigs for those who have lost their hair from cancer treatments.

More specifically, I found out that I had cervical cancer in 1997. I didn’t have health coverage, so I opted to participate in a study being done by the University of Maryland. My treatments were different from normal treatments, so I did not lose all of my hair. I cut my hair short and kept it that way for a while, because my hair wasn’t growing normally, but it never all fell out of my head. I lost most of my eye lashes over time, and they have not grown back. I wish I could have lost some of my dark and large eyebrow hairs, but it could have been worse, so eyelashes it is! I have the sort of hair that is very, very fine. There’s tons of it on my head, but it’s so fine that the only thing I can really do with my hair is let it grow out straight and change it’s color. Anything else either takes forever, or costs entirely too much to maintain. Most of the time, it’s both. Since it grows fairly well, I might as well share in my “wealth” of hair. If it’s going to make someone feel better or keep a head warm, my hair doesn’t cost me very much to grow so I feel it’s better on a head than on the floor.

The comment I have heard from those who have met me is usually based on the notion that I should concentrate on taking care of myself, instead of worrying about growing hair for someone else. My reply to that is simply that I am not “worrying” about growing my hair at all. It grows naturally. Plus, sometimes your hair can reflect your health, so the better my hair looks, the more healthy I am. It’s not something I have to think about, so when it gets so long that I have to spend vast amounts of time cleaning it and brushing it and letting it air dry (blow dryers gnarl up very fine hair very badly), it seems easy to hand it over for another use. I like my hair in general, but after a while, I lighten the load a bit.

At this point, it’sTuesday morning and the Washington Capitals totally put Toronto down with a score of 7-1. I don’t know what got into the CAPS, but they did a good job, despite their missing Captain and Semin. I think the Maple Leaf’s were playing fairly badly, all things considered, so it was a bit easier on Washington. Still, 7-1 is a good win and the guys were fairly tight. I had some difficulty with the wireless connection yesterday and had a lot of errands to run, so no pre or post-game thoughts are here today. I can’t say much more than I have. I hope Thursday’s road-game will go much the same way! GO CAPS!

I have a bit more energy these days, so I try to use it to get my home settled for sale and play the “find money from no where” game. I’ll mention that I usually drink my morning coffee out of a really old Washington Capital’s mug on game days. I’ve been doing that for years. It’s a “ritual”, I guess. I think, however, that I will have to get a new Capitals mug because my regular mug has become stained and worn to the point that I am the only one who knows it’s actually a CAPS mug. I may keep the old one for away games and use he new one for home games. That sounds good. I know I’m not the only one out there that has a game day habit! Mine’s rather tame – but so very important.

I have a few more steps for my official name change to go through and soon I’ll have to go through all sorts of red-tape to get my new name on all my pertinent ID and accounts. I know that I’ve heard enough comments to just want this whole thing done and over with. Some people just couldn’t imagine changing their last name, unless through marriage. I really don’t mind at all. It’s all a part of “the game”, as one might say. I didn’t sign-up for this “game”, but the object is to “win”. In that sense, I’ll play along – no problem. Besides, no one calls me by my current real first name and I’m not carrying-on a family name biologically speaking, so it’s not really a problem for me – other than the paperwork. Yeah, paperwork is my favorite thing ever!!!

I’ve managed to locate some people who may be interested in serving on a board for First Love Animal Services. One person accepted without any formal approach, so that makes things a tad easier for me. I think the biggest problem at the moment, aside from the financials, is the fact that I now have to move again (cuss, curse, explative, etc.) and I need to research taxes and business related information so as to appropriately decide amoung three possible places to reside and run First Love – MD, VA or DC. I’m not quite as energized as I was yesterday, but I get to borrow a vehicl again today, so I’m hoping to be somewhat productive today.

One of the most difficult things about being sick, even though no one is exactly sure what is going on with my body yet, is the fact that any moment things can change dramatically. I can feel okay enough to go to the bank, as I did yesterday, and while I am sitting there having a conversation, my shoulder just locked-up in one very strange and painful way, as it did yesterday.  I reached up my arm a little because I could feel a slight “twinge” and it just got stuck in a very awkward position. Now comes the part that no one will admit outloud, for the most part, but that I have no problem placing in open-text for ya. The very first thing I remember going through my head at that point was, “I wonder if I can play this off somehow? Should I tell him I’m stuck in this position? Should I just yank at it really quickly and see if it comes out of its stuck position? I wonder if I can raise it up and out – ewww, ouch, nope that isn’t working…” I decided to just let him know that I was having a problem and informed him that I might have to yank at it to get it loose. He was not concerned at all and offered to stand behind me and pull at it from that direction if it would help. I tried to yank it once and it was a miserable failure, so I gladly asked if he knew what he was doing enough to get it on one pull. He said his dad has a bad shoulder and he may know what to do if he can feel the joint. He went to work and within two minutes, I was un-stuck and ready to go. The whole thing was so seemless and now I know who to see at my credit union! If I had a few people like that around me, I’d get all sorts of things accomplished. GO CREDIT UNION GUY!!

Things don’t usually transpire in such ways, so on most days, when I get so sleepy that my jaw and mouth muscles start going atonal (falling asleep) and I’m standing in the grocery line trying to communicate with the cashier, things are just plain one of the major challenges of my day. Eventually, I either won’t have these problems, or I’ll have learned how to live with them as successfully as possible. We’ll see. This now brings me to Hockey Fights Cancer. The NHL has been very active in giving to cancer charities and this is Cancer Awareness Month, so hockey fans have probably seen the pink ties and other pink garb on coaching and broadcasting staff of some NHL organizations. There so many people touched by cancer out in the world. I know I’ve been aware of it since I was very small child. One of my brother’s classmates, Joel, had Leukemia (did I spell that correctly?). I didn’t know Joel as well as my brother did, but it was very sad to me to see such a young person struggle and eventually die. My brother was a different person after Joel died. My mother is a Breast Cancer survivor. I’m a survivor. I know someone and his wife who are fighting his lung cancer right now as I type. GO BOB!!!!! He’s never smoke a cigarette in his life. It’s nice to see things like HFC going on in the NHL. GO NHL HOCKEY!!! Hockey rocks – it’s true. Really – you love hockey.

The vehicle is ready so I’m off. Hoping your days are filled with good music and even better hockey! GO CAPS! – peace – mia

The Capitals last two games and I’m Going West

Sunday, October 28, 2007, 12:26:00 PM

I was all ready to go Friday night. I was sure I had done all the right things. I had two SmartTrip cards, Das boot was adjusted properly, and I even had my pink hat and funny, fuzzy pink scarf for HFC. However, At 4:30pm, I did all my checks (blood pressure, blood sugar, temp., etc.) I knew there was a vehicle I could borrow on its way. I was looking forward to getting to the Verizon Center and watching the Washington Capitals play Vancouver. I’d get to see Luongo and Kolzig on the same ice. At 4:45, I realized that something was not right and by 5:15, I had pretty much let go of the idea of driving to DC to see the game. I hit some kind of wall, in the figurative sense, and the nausea, slight dizziness, weak and sore muscle onset and general malaise hit me like an unseen body-check. For two reasons, I decided driving to the game was not a good idea. First, I knew I was very likely to make a mistake while driving. Having an accident surely won’t get me to the game and I’m not the only person on the road. Safety won out by far. I also wouldn’t want to be the person in the crowd who tosses up the contents of my stomach. – As we all know – that sort of thing can start a very messy chain reaction that I know I’d like to avoid.

I had an entry yesterday that was almost ready to go, but it vanished because I did something I should not have done, so I will combine the DC-VAN game thoughts with last night’s DC-STL game. It does get frustrating when the Washington Capitals out-shoot their opposition, yet both of the last two games were decided by one point in regular play. I was right along with Olie Kolzig when he had to contend with an unlucky bounce that lead to a goal in Friday night’s game against the Cunucks. I think David Backes, from Minn., MN, who is #42 for the St. Louis Blues, should know that messing with a goalie like that doesn’t go unforgotten in “goalieworld”. Oh boy, oh boy, am I glad Nylander is back! Nicklas Backstrom (not to be confused with Niklas Backstrom – G, MN) has an abundance of wisdom for someone his age on the ice and he seems to take his play to heart. He’s got the whole package, in terms of hockey. He’s got years to get more honed as well.

As for the visiting Canucks, DC played well. Vancouver played better. While watching both games this weekend, I finally found the best term to explain how the Capitals can be scored on in one specific way. Both teams this weekend did it to the CAPS, and that one goal could have been avoided. I noticed this last season as well, but wasn’t sure if I could put a word, or a few words, to what was actually happening. This morning, I was reviewing the 1st period of last night’s game to be sure it was a 42 I had seen on the back of the Blues player who tipped over Johnson when no one was looking, when it finally came to me. In general, it’s as simple as the fact that the Washington Capitals are taken by surprise too easily. I reviewed three of the Capitals last few games and saw it happen a few other times, but in those cases Kolzig/Johnson were able to defend the net successfully. Maybe the guys need to be a little more focused for each and every draw.

Speaking of draws, I think I’m going to spend some time specifically watching the draw. I’ll probably learn a lot from that, so what the heck. I still think Brent Johnson goes behind the net at bad times in play. There are plenty of experienced NHL netminders who can go behind the net with ease and with little difficulty. Kolzig and Luongo are both able to do that without getting into trouble. Johnny goes behind when it isn’t absolutely necessary or when the opposing traffic is too close to the blue paint. There’s too much chance for error. Maybe it’s not such a big thing, but I’ll still get nervous when he’s back, behind the net. It must the goalie-centric part of me that puts me a little on edge. We all know that those who thrive when the blue paint’s alive are aces in my book.

I believe I managed to “psych” myself out and completely forget to take my AM medications on Friday morning. I discovered this yesterday morning when I saw my pill box and all the Friday AM pills were still there. Excellent. That was a key part of my day that I missed. Well, I know what happens at around 4:30pm on days when I do not take my AM medications. It’ll be a long while before that slips my mind again. YIPES!! I missed the game because of myself. The Washington Capitals will be playing in Toronto on Monday night. Hopefully, I’ll be back on track and typing as the game goes by. I like doing that for some reason.

I hope that Semin can recover properly very soon. I have an akle/foot problem going on as well, so I can understand how ankle/foot problems can be a dilemma during regular play in a pair of skates. I wouldn’t want to make any quick, sudden movements in a regular situation, so thinking about being in skates on a sheet of ice hurts my foot a little. I also noticed that he may have hurt his wrist. I’m not sure about that though. Chris Clark gets what some from my past would call the “MIA Prize.” That’s a reward people should try to avoid. It has also been called the “Lame Duck” award. He got a fantastic Ovechkin slapshot right in the left ear. OUCH! I wasn’t exactly sure what had happened, but I did see him fall and the body language was fairly graphic. I heard Joe and Craig talk about it the next night in St. Louis and the Capitals Captain has numerous stitches and was in a lot of pain yesterday. Well, now we all know what an Ovechkin slapshot can do, but I hope Chris Clark can recover with no problems. Boyd Gordon is back into play and I feel like he’s holding back. Maybe it’s injury related? I thought that the PP with more centers (O) was much more dynamic than otherwise. I heard Craig L. mention that the guys were sticking to the shooting lanes too much and I agree. If the PP can stay more dynamic and the shooting lanes become what the guys make them, the PP should be more productive. Ovechkin was creative and faked-out more than just one opposing PK blocker. I have good feelings about Alex O’s play, but there is something that just seems “off” in my mind. I haven’t figured out what it is yet.

As for my current financial difficulties, I’ve decided to pull the emergency eject button. By that I mean that I held out for as long as I could, but I do have one asset that will put me back in black. As much as I absolutely, positively, DO NOT want move again. Curse, Curse, foul-mouth, sassafrassin, cuss, cuss, cuss!!!!!!!! Regardless, the financial facts are the financial facts. Besides, if I can just concentrate on the fact that I can now move much, much closer to DC. Maybe I will even move into DC. What the heck – I’ve been paying taxes all these years and have felt as though I don’t have representation, so that won’t feel any different! This whole maneauver will take every ounce of energy I have and double the patience. I know I’ll miss many CAPS games between now and the end of December. I know I’ll have to go much further down before I can recover, and I know that I MUST find full-time employment, no matter what kind of health problems I suffer. It’s never any fun to press the “last resort” button. I haven’t had to do that in years, but it is there for just this reason. In my experience, it is always wise to have a “last resort” plan. Sometimes, having the ability to save yourself, is the best present you can give yourself.

Half my stress this year has come from moving so many times. Well, now I’m going to know what it’s like to move three times in the same year. YAY! I suppose this is a good opportunity to reduce the amount of heavy objects in my posession. I also have to figure out how to deal with a Pawn Shop. My jewelry is all gathered and is ready for a second-life elsewhere. I have no idea what this stuff is worth. I suppose this is my que to end here and do some internet research.

Quickly though, it’s been kinda fun watching my songs go up and down the channels. The two in Solo Performance go up and down the list often. The other four are more stable. It’s entirely possible that I’m at the bottom of the list with one of my Indie/Alternative entries. I’m pretty sure I won’t be winning any money at, but now I can share my music for a little while. My voice is still strong and continues to improve, but my instrument hands need work. A lot of work. Music is so awsome – I have few words…

Sing songs to your toes when no one knows – hockey’s the way to go – peace – mia

If Only I Could Bring My Toilet Bowl

Friday, October 26, 2007, 12:59:00 AM

I’m not a baseball fan in general, but I’ve been around RedSox fans enough now to just go with the flow. I’ve learned a lot about the Indians and the RedSox. But, I’ll have to admit, I compare baseball to hockey, so I end up still thinking about hockey. I’m in a land where people mention John Madden and I immediately start talking about the NJ Devils, later to be stopped because their reference was to the NFL John Madden. I like that guy! He’s an odd sort of happy-slow-enthusiastic. I try to impersonate him every-so-often, but I never even come close. Out here in the GHV, people don’t know much about NHL hockey. One day, either what is now the GHV will slowly learn and their will be a bit of hockey around this part of I-95, or I will move somewhere more hockey friendly. I could kick it, or check-out or whatever makes you feel comfortable – but then I’m hoping it’ll be all hockey-all the time with extra portions of music, topped with Greek food and cheese! mmmmmm cheeese. But back to the GHV – I’ll get into something that nary a woman and many men, dare to tread – how much I weigh.

I’ll think I’ll preface with a brief mention of some of last year’s events. I knew I just wasn’t feeling good and out of the blue I started gaining about 10 lbs. a week. By the time October hit, I think I weighed as much as Olie Kolzig did at the same time. In total, I had gained 82 lbs. in about four months. It would have been really cool if it was because I was eating everything in sight – including every kind of cheese you can find. I didn’t eat Willy Wonka out of house and home.  I was not as active, but not completely statoinary often, so that could explain some of weight. I got to the point where I was only consuming about 900 calories a day and I was still gaining weight. Yup, I weighed that much and I’m only 5’4″. As you can imagine, my body – especially my feet, to hit with that much weight going on so fast. I went to doctors and read books and this, that and the otherthing, so now I’ve discovered I’m Narcoleptic with Fibromyalgia and Lyme Disease. It could be some other probem(s), as well.

The interesting thing, I’ve noticed, is that when I lost a certain amount of weight that must have been all fat and no muscle. It turns out that my muscle mass increased, while my fat level decreased. My body built muscle to carry an extra twenty pounds. That extra twenty pounds nearly crushed my feet. I seem to be stuck in a holding pattern right now, so I guess I’ll tell you this much. I weigh as much as the lightest the Washington Capital on the current roster. The thing of it is, despite what some sources may push, I really wouldn’t want to lose much more than twenty pounds, because my muscle to fat ratio is not in the same range as the bell curve seems to suggest of women my age and my height. Yup, I’m a big’un.

Phil has arrived to watch the game and things are getting silly, so I’ll pick-it up here tomorrow. And just like that, it is now tomorrow. I’m supposed to stick to a daily schedule on the advice of my sleep doc. I’m not quite doing that as my doc would like it. I think the last two nights put me a little off balance. Now I’m thinking I’ll have to just wait until Saturday to get back to the “program”. Sleep and I have had issues for as long as I can remember. My next conversation with the sleep doctor will include a question as to why sometimes I have no problem staying awake at all. I’ve driven all over the place. Thousands upon Thousands of miles of me on the rode, driving and I’ve never had a problem until now. I hope there’s an answer for that. I also have to keep reminding the neurologist that I’ve banged my head on several hard and unforgiving surfaces and have had at least one confirmed concussion. Who knows. It doesn’t really matter how things got this way, in the end. I keep thinking about how to get beyond them.

I’ve been checking out my right foot everyday. I know I’ve really become attached to Das Boot, but I think I’ll give it one more week and then I should retire Das Boot for the next adventure. I can put weight on the foot and the soft muscle tissue that was swolle and tender is much better. I know which bone has been damaged and the tendon on the bottom of my foot will get better when I start where the shoes with my arch supports. If my foot is healing incorrectly, I have to learn to walk on it as soon as possible. No fixy for the footie.

Okay, so it’s 5pm and I’m waiting another vehicle to borrow so that I can get to the game tonight at the Verizon Center. Just as I was strapping on Das Boot – I felt dizzy and sick to my stomach. I may not be going anywhere other than to put my head on the side of the nice cool toilet seat. Perfect timing! Maybe it’ll pass very quickly.

Hockey it up DC!!! – peace – mia

CAPS beat Lightning and I Wore the Platinum “DUH” Hat

Thursday, October 25, 2007, 1:35:00 PM

Good morning from the GHV. As, some of you may know – the Capitals Beat the Lightning at their first meeting this season at the Verizon Center with a 5-3 final. There’s a lot I could say about the game, but I’ll start with my standout thoughts and go from there. Aside from the fact that I lost all good sense and made numerous errors in my efforts to get to and from the game, I had a good time whil at the game and I got to sit in “the rowdy” section. Nylander, in my eyes, hasn’t had a bad game yet. I’m glad he’s back in DC. I was impressed with him when Jagr was here and even more impressed with now that Jagr’s in NYC. Another bonus of sitting down by the ice is having a really good look at the player’s faces when their in my corner. I’ve seen a few players not have “their eye on puck”, so to speak, but I haven’t seen Nylander do that in the three home games I’ve attended so far. If you’ve ever seen the movie “The Replacements”, then you’ll understand what I mean by – “He’s Wirey”.

The Lightning have a good assortment of fast skaters, and it was noticible, but the Capitals edged them out despite it. I was wandering around in “DUH” mode during the first period, so I’ll have to skip comment on that, but the second period was “penalty period” for the Capitals. Plus, Tampa Bay took full advantage of our own PP and scored within but a few seconds. I probably said something like, “no wait guys, it’s OUR PP.” Although the goal was well-earned for TB (it was quite nice), I still felt like it didn’t need to happen. Backstrom’s a fiesty little guy and there were some good hits on both sides. Let’s see – oh yeah – The Rowdy Section and someone named Goat?

I was late, but the fact that I actually made it to my seat wearing the Platinum “DUH” Hat is good, so when I sat down during the 1st period intermission and took a look around, I wondered how many people were out of their seats and what the crowd on a Wednesday looked (and sounded) like. Personally, it seemed like a very small showing of fans to me. Their were some fan highlights though. I read Ted’s Take this morning and discovered that the guy with a HUGE set of lungs sitting in the Leonsis box is called Goat. If Goat doesn’t sing – he should! Go Goat! I have a pretty big set of lungs as well and simply couldn’t spare the energy to respond, but the young ladies behind me took care of the cheering in my section for all of us. I’ve been face to face with large stacks of blasting amps, so after the initial shock, I thought those enthusiastic youngsters made my night. They just plain went for it. I enjoyed their antics. They won the “Smile Cam” prize if you were at the game and saw them.   

It was good to see Washington with a more healthy team. I have to mention something that I see with the Capitals this year and I’ve seen it for at least 6 seasons in a row now. The PP tends toward what I nicknamed “passive passing”. That’s the best way I can explain what I see. Tampa Bay did not break movement, for the most part, when they had a man-advantage. I’m not sure I can pinpoint how that seems to be a pattern year after year, but it leaves the fans very frustrated and I’m sure it doesn’t help the stats. I don’t know – it’s something?! Over-all Chris Clark was also on his game last night. Winning feels good, no matter how small the crowd.

The crowd was very, very small. I’ve seen some weekday games before, but the crowd just felt small. I’m not sure why? I’m sure there are all sorts of reasons, but it was disappointing. Too bad for those who weren’t at the Verizon Center last night. You missed a Capitals win, Goat and the “Rowdy Section”. Is it that hard to get to the Verizon Center during the week? Were the SOX or Rockies more important? (YOUK!!!) Well, it was all good for me. However, I had major cloud-brain and pulled “duh” moments everywhere I went.

I got a late start, totally thought I was going somewhere else, so I take an even longer route which added more traffic. Decided to drive in my sock, because “Das Boot” doesn’t fit between the gas and break pedals of Leif’s JEEP. I found out that Police Officer’s in a certain Maryland County feel that driving without a shoe is a violation. I’m not used to Leif’s vehicle, so I drove more slowly than normal. Rain tends to add to all the driving fun. I decided to ride the slow lane, because I had also decided to “ride” the gas tank to see if Leif’s vehicle could make it to Calverton so I could get gas and find a bathroom. After a short period of time I decided I should stick to the exit-lane side of the highway. I had no choice but to stop at the Burtonsville exit for gas. I barely made it. I didn’t bring a shoe for the “boot” foot and I had it off at that time, so I put one of Leif’s big-ass sport shoes, which I thought would be fine since I was only going to be within three feet of the pump. So when I tried to use plastic to pay at the pump and was instructed to go in and talk to the clerk, I clomped and slid my right foot with Leif’s gigantic shoe on my right foot over to the clerk to discover that I had tapped that particular financial well dry. YIPPIE. I had a back-up, so clomped and slid my foot over to the pump and discovered how long it takes to fill the tank of a large vehicle.

I thought I was good to go at that point and slowly made my way to the Greenbelt Metro station, parked, strapped-on Das Boot and then realized that I did not have my SmartCard, which took added an extra five minutes of time to verify. So there goes another 10 bucks and off I went on the Green Line. Nothing else really went any different than normal, until I got back to the parking lot and forgot that there is a charge for the SmartCard, so I did not have enough on the card to exit. So backwards I went, like many others who have gone before me, and Back Das Boot went – an then I stuffed my last 4 dollars into the machine. Back in the Jeep. I decided kept Das Boot on to get home and around the Exit for 695 I realized I didn’t have toll money. Thankfully, there’s an alligator head on the dashboard with tons of change in it, who I’m told is named “Harry”. If you can get past the sharp teeth, you can get 8 quarters for the toll. But I enjoyed watching the Washington Capitals beat the Tampa Bay Lightning.

I couldn’t sleep when I got home from the game and at some point I started watching America’s Funniest Videos. I laughed a lot. I’m not laughing at them – I’m laughing with them. Barenaked Ladies were on Regis and Kelly this morning. Except Regis was Jimmy Kimmel. Jimmy Kimmel revealed that he’s a Narcoleptic. Yup, it’s a bitch. Kelly’s husband was found sleeping in Gelman’s bathroom on the floor mat. Well, there are times when a nice floor mat keeps the cold floor away. Sometimes floor mats are the best thing ever! I’m a fan of floor mats as well. Go Mark!

I’m up to 19 pills a day. This includes a daily vitamin, some concentrated fiber, an herbal supplement, 1000mg Motrin and other various things. I feel pretty good today, so I’m hoping it won’t be an unproductive day. Speaking of which, I have to conclude for now.

I wonder if there’s a way to make a “music pill”? Next CAPS game tomorrow at the Verizon Center. Hockey Rocks!! – peace – mia

I Must be Feeling Better and Tampa Bay at CAPS Tonight

Wednesday, October 24, 2007, 1:58:00 PM

Ahh, yes, here I am, back to you from the GHV. After all these months, I must be feeling better. I opened up my laptop yesterday morning and finished a blog I started the night before, then went through some e-mail, following a brief check of some medical information, then decided to check the Capital’s website. I think I’ve been more energetic recently, even though I hadn’t noticed previously. I’m pretty sure I went a bit nutso on the keyboard yesterday. Well – I don’t have anything to punch that I can afford to break!! It really does suck out in the GHV. Regardless – I typed it and published it, so that’s that.

Onto the hockey. I promised some goalie insight and I’ve got just a bit. From what I have seen of Labarbara (Kings), he knows what to do. Actually doing it will come in time. He’s fairly new and I’m concentrating on the East right now, but I’ve liked what I’ve seen. I know I mentioned at some point that Hasek should retire and I’ve heard opinions opinions otherwise, but I’m sticking to my guns on my thought that he should retire. I have nothing but respect for him and I was thrilled when he got his name on the cup, but sometimes one needs to know when to step away. I think, as a goalie, he has an interesting approach and has put it in action well. I’m a big fan of Biron and just how many “goalie – qvists” are there? I’ve got three so far.

I’m visualizing a car, hoping it might appear. The lack of a personal vehicle is a major “road block” when it comes to the doctor and the Washington Capitals home games. I’m sure I’ll figure it out. Thankfully, I’ve got Leif’s ride today, so as long as I feel this good, I can make it to the game tonight. I think it’ll be a good game. I haven’t check for gameday notes yet (My body took over this morning and put me into HyperSleep – so I’m way behind), but with even one addition back into regular play of one of the recently injured IRs, we have a good chance of winning. Tampa Bay is going to take full-advantage of the PP and penalties have really been a problem for Washington.

I’m off to figure out what to do with the infestation of Bagworm Moths who’ve taken over one of my evergreen’s. Good musical ju-ju to you and GO CAPS GO!!! – peace – mia

A Blogger’s Blog about the NHL, Media Reaction and Other Bloggers

Tuesday, October 23, 2007, 3:27:00 PM

Not that I am angry at Ted Leonsis in any way, but his blog entries sometimes bring up points that bug me to no end. I’m annoyed for so many reasons, I’m not even sure I can address them all here in the time that I have today. First though, read this article from the Washington times that Ted Leonsis was kind enough to link in his blog, which you should read next.

I’ll just mention to all of those bloggers and the media and the NHL and Ted Leonsis that I’ve been blogging about hockey since before blogs were even invented. No, I don’t have some fancy hockey related blog title like “On Frozen Blog”, and no I don’t devote my entire blog to just hockey. Is that what I have to do in order to get people to read my blog? I do have readers and I know full well that the Washington Capitals organization knows my blog exists. I know that people use material straight out of my blog – and I let them because I make it very clear that I have not copyrighted my blog, or the written materal within it. One of the reasons I do that will be touched upon in a later paragragh having to do with what I read in the second page of the Wasington Times article. I even heard a couple of Capitals fans repeating some of my “The Zen of Hockey” sayings while I was in line at the Dunkin Donuts at the Verizon Center, yet somehow it came across as though those things were their own original thoughts. Not one peep about my blog though. I have remained silent all this time – until now.

What credit do I get for “being real” when I blog about how I feel about the Washington Capitals and their play. What e-mails do I get, aside from fans who run across my blog and usually give me guff for not “upselling” the Capitals, as they see it. What praise do I get for having such a crappy life and still waking up every day and standing behind MY Washington Capitals. Who goes out of their way to say how great it is that I live in the GHV and still have a passion for hockey like no on I know. I actually purchased full-season tickets so that I could see all the home games live, even though the entire trip takes about 7 hours out of my otherwise terrible day. Why is it that the “strictly” hockey blogs get all the glory, when I have been blogging for years and years and I’ve been doing from a place where people don’t even know there IS A HOCKEY TEAM IN WASHINGTON. Hey, Ted, if you give me $40,000.00 out of your own pocket – I’ll stake my right foot on the fact that I’ll be at every home game and watch every away game and blog about it on some new blog I create with a flashy title like “The Capital’s are Taking Over” or “Washington’s on Ice Dream” or how about “Washington Capital’s Hockey Blog – The Coolest Alternative”.

I admit that I do use bad language, but I have recently posted a very clear warning to those under 18 that they are treading on thin ice if they continue to read any further without talking to a parent about my blog first. I may intertwine my life and the lives of others I see and know into my blogs, hence they are not entirely all hockey related. Perhaps I should be working harder to get my archives up, so that I can show proof of how long I’ve actually been blogging. I’m not anywhere near as Capital’s biased as some of the more advertised Capital’s blogs. I am a Capitals fan and I let that be known without any shadow of a doubt, but I know hockey and I know when the CAPS are playing well and who specifically is doing their thing on the ice, but I also know when the Capitals are not playing well and who specifically was trying and who specifically was not. I have been advocating Washington Capitals hockey for years and years out here in the GHV and yet, it’s almost like I do not exist. Well, I do and I’m going to be sure that this blog entry gets read.

Life and hockey go together. Some people’s lives aren’t anywhere near as, shall I say, interesting as mine, so maybe there is nothing but hockey to blog about. My life is a never-ending battle that takes me to the limit almost everyday. Many people simply can’t believe it. That I understand, but truly, I have to accept it, because all of it is really happening. I actually did sell one of my life insurance policies to be sure that I could afford Washington Capitals full-season tickets. I actually do have multiple health problems that have turned my life into some kind of mixed bag of mysterious symptoms that can literally kill me at any point in time if I’m not on the ball 24/7. Hockey is a part of my life and I have had to fight for that as well. Birthday, after birthday, after birthday, after birthday, after birthday I told those who asked what I wanted for my birthay was to go and see a Washington Capitals game. I never got what I wanted for my birthday. Most people thought I was kidding or that I was trying to be coy or some such garbage like that. Obviously, I wasn’t kidding and in 1996, I think, I took the matter into my own hands and just bought my own ticket and went to a game by myself. I have travelled to many DC games by myself. It has only been in the last five years that I have been able to convince others to go see a game with me. In all of those cases, I had to do all the planning and legwork.

Here I am, out here in the Blogosphere wondering why I bother. It is’t a long ponder, because I have been blogging for so long that it too has become a staple in the life of me. It’s like second nature. I’ve been unkind to the Washington Capitals when I have blogged, but I have also been extraordinarily positive as well. And where the hell was the Buy One- Get One Season Ticket Blowout when I purchased my season tickets in July, like the loyal hockey fan that I am. I could have brought someone to every game. Where’s my signed Ovechkin stick or jersey or whatever for purchasing Season Tickets at Kettler Iceplex (which is an hour away from me by car). The people who lagged behind and weren’t sure if they wanted to invest in the Washington Capitals got phone calls from some of the players. How come a player didn’t call me and say thanks for supporting the team from way out there in the GHV? I didn’t hesitate to support the team.

As for the second page of the Washington Times article where it was mentioned that there may have to be some regulation regarding the pressbox access to bloggers and bloggers may have to follow some sort of code or what not, I’m going to answer back-okay fine. But no one can touch my blog. The same thing that apparently makes me an outcast in the hockey bloggers world, is the same thing that is going to keep me safe from all the changes that hockey bloggers in Washington may have to contend with sooner or later. No one’s invited me up to the press box, and no one has shown me how to do that either. But you know what, I’d rather be sitting in Section 118, Row D, Seat 3 and seeing the faces get smashed against the glass. I’d rather be sitting with the crowd and smelling the beer, and watching the goalies from that vantage point. I can see the line changes. I can see the ice get worse as the periods progress. The only thing exciting about the press box to me is the fact that I might run into some interesting people. But I can also run into some interesting people in line to go to the bathroom. Who are the real fans? Who are the “real” bloggers? Why can’t I sit in the box with Ted Leonsis if the press box is off limits? How come the people who can get to see the practices are treated better than those of us who can’t drive for an hour to see every practice. What kind of nicey-nice dance do I have to do to be so special. This is a very large part of the problem when certain bloggers get certain rights over others. I’m not the only one sitting out there in the Washington Capitals/NHL hockey in general blogosphere who grinds out blogs to spread the word, so to speak. Am I back in college being told I have to “pick a major” or else I can’t graduate kind of thing. My major is life and my life is mainly hockey these days. I’m not going to get so microsopic on my own time and my own dime to leave out the parts that lead up to my hockey thoughts. I’m a big picture kinda gal and that seems to put me at more of a disadvantage than being a woman, looking young, and being ill combined.

I have read some of the blogs listed on the Ted’s Take page, link is above, and there is quite a lot of intelligent wordsmithing (or wordsmithery -you pick!) going on, so I won’t diss my fellow bloggers. I have also read some Hockey based blogs that are far-less known that come from different perspectives and include items and information that don’t get represented in Ted’s list of Hockey Friendly Blogs. I think I have to step-out and remind everyone that diversity is important in NHL hockey and all around the world, because IT IS the most diverse sport in the Universe. Why are readers of Ted Leonsis’s blog only pointed toward certain blogs the majority of the time? No offense Ted – I want to be you when I grow up, as I have mentioned to you in an e-mail, but don’t forget that there are many, many bloggers out here who bought season tickets and bugged a certain cable company for YEARS to make sure they aired the Capital’s games. We don’t need to be the best in your eyes, but we do need to be acknowledged for doing something that “Jasper’s Rink” only started a short while ago. I saw where the puck was going to go, and I’ve been passing it ever since. Now I know where it’s headed again, and it would be wise to re-think what is or what isn’t a valid Washington Capitals hockey blog.

While you are “the man” Ted, you are also tooting a horn that I’ve holding for years. I’m not powerful, but everywhere I have gone, I have made a positive difference. Some of the NHL bloggers, and especially the throng of Capital’s bloggers are doing your marketing department’s job for free and you’ve already admited that we’re helping out your budget, so don’t just share the wealth with a few. I kept quiet for a long time, but after reading this combo today – I could’t keep my typing hands still!!! GO CAPS GO!!!

As for the Media – well I’ve already blogged a great deal about my woes in battle with the cable company that owns the broadcasting rights to the Capitals games and their lack of forward thinking and total haphazzard customer service department. Not to mention the complete neglect of proper training for their technicians and poor standards in contracting out for their technicians. I have also beaten to death the thought that perhaps this cable company should move forward with the times and take a calculated risk in investing in the aforementioned items AND finding more new media in which to participate. I read the articles posted on the sites of all 30 NHL teams (not all the articles, but enough) to know how certain teams feel about bogging and which teams are more blogger friendly than others. I have mentioned that some of the teams don’t even send out announcements to the people who sign-up for their e-mail news lists. I cannot tell you how many times I have tried to sign-up for the Redwings e-mail news. Yet, I have never seen a single e-mail from the Redwings. Perhaps the press box is getting empty and putting bloggers in it to gain a more broad audience and reach those who may not read newspapers, or watch ESPN, or go to is a good idea – no doubt actually – that it is, but until every single one of the bloggers who type from the press box get qualified in some way to be “good and credible sources of information”, the Washington Times and those media sources of the same ilk are always going to be fearful. They do have a right to that and so do I.

Not that I don’t simply do this blog to share and put my thoughts in this format on hockey that come straight from my heart, experience, and excellent grasp of the game, but I wonder how many of your favorite hockey bloggers have actually read the entire NHL rulebook Ted?

Love and music to all and great hockey above all – peace  – mia

As if I would just give up!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007, 12:59:00 AM

Have you ever had one of those days when all good reason seems to slip away from those around you and all of your own efforts just get flushed down the toilet when least expected? Well I had one of those days last Thursday. I should never be surprised by the things other people are capable of doing. Yet, last Thursday I managed to fall into that trap. Yup, I simply lost my shit, as it were. Mostly because my mother’s lawyers and one of her long-time friends either don’t care or don’t understand that she needs specialized care. They continue to act as though she will improve and all will be back to “normal” sooner or later. At this point, I’m going to “Brashear” those people so hard they’ll think it’s Independence Day. THE GLOVES ARE OFF!!!!!!! I’m going “no holds barred”.

So enough about that. I went to the Verizon Center in Washington DC last Saturday to see the CAPS play the PENS. As I suspected, there were a good amount of Peguins fans in the crowd. Those Penguin fans sure have some lungs! It was all I could do to yell louder than they. Leif’s cousin Tucker and Tuck’s girlfriend Alisha came down from NYC to celebrate Tucker’s 26th birthday, so Alisha paid for me to get some extra tickets for the CAPS-PENS game. Although the two visiting New Yorkers are Rangers fans, they were all for cheering on the Capitals, because the Penguis are in there division and if they were to lose the game, that would fair well for the Rangers. I made sure they were wearing something white and we ventured around Chinatown and the Verizon Center before and after the game. Of course, I wore red, because I couldn’t find my white CAPS gear, but it was pretty clear who I was there to see win. I even wore some particularly gaudy, red, glittery, large, hoop earings and put some red and blue “war paint” on my face for this game. I haven’t worn earings in almost 8 years!!! I had to make a new hole for my right ear, because the piercing had close-up in the back of my ear. I barely even noticed the throbbing and there was hardly any blood!

We all had a good time at the game and I met some very rabid female Capitals fans in the Green Turtle prior to the game. Every time I passed one of them on the street or on the main level of the Verizon Center, she would point and say “Hey there’s that Kolzig girl from the bar! GO CAPS!” Poor Tucker was forced to stay in his seat for both intermissions because we had set-up a birthday wish to run in between periods. Unfortunatley, Alisha got more and more upset as the time ticked away. Neither she nor Leif saw the birthday wish run during the intermissions, so Tucker had no idea why we made him stay in his seat until the end of the game. I made food and beer runs for the three of them during intermissions, so I can’t say if the message ran or not. It’s possible is did not run, but it’s also possible Leif and Alisha missed it when it did run, even though they were both looking for it very intently. I had to limp-run very fast to beat Alisha to the Guest Services area afer the game. As free-spirited and happy-go-lucky as Alisha is, the New Yorker in her came out and she was ready to rip-off some heads. I wanted to be the one who dealt with Guest Servces, because I was much more level-headed than she. The woman swore that she saw the messages run with her own eyes, but she said she would not charge us. Alisha didn’t like that answer and it got a little tense. We managed to get through it and I personally wished that they would have charged us for the message, because it goes to charity and it is possible that it was simply missed. No matter, we bought two “Puck Surprise” packages and I gave Tucker a choice between numbers, so he ended up with a signed Chris Clark puck and I got an Erskine signed puck.

As for the actual game, the Capitals lost to the Pens 2-1. There were some pretty obvious missed calls, but it wasn’t entirely one-sided. Backstrom was working hard and the D played nicely. Nylander moved the puck well, but in general, everyone passed the puck poorly. I got a little bit on edge every time Johnson went behind the net while there was a crowd on his end and I think Ovechkin got a little caught-up trying to pull some fancy tricks, when he could have stuck to a more simple approach. The PENS were all over him and tricks don’t work that well when playing a team and game like that. I believe the CAPS outshot Pittsburgh, so it was an exciting game to watch. I was more fired up than normal because I loaded myself full of coffee and was pumped up by my hockey friends. Plus, the more loud the Penguins got, the more loud I got. I even got a little too fired up and mouthed-off to a Penguins fan who was walking around after the game being a smart-ass. Everyone got very quiet after that, because my face kinda goes into an “I mean business” look. Nothing bad happened, but I did chase out some Pittsburgh fans who weren’t quite ready for the likes of me. That felt good! Brashear and Pettinger both got into fights during the game. Brashear took some hits for a little while and then decided to 1-2-3 punch quickly to bring both fighters to the ice. Pettinger held his own as well.

Leif has been kind enough to let me use his vehicle to get to the Capitals game this Wednesday at home against Tampa Bay. I know it’s been difficult for the Capitals without Semin and other injured players. It’s tough to get the chemistry working when the lines have to be adjusted so much. Four straight losses aren’t the best way to win the SE division, but the Capitals play has been worthy of notice and I’m sure they’re working hard on their play. It’s still early in the season and I have faith in this team. Tucker claimed that Poti is a “bum”, but I have been impressed with some of his play. He’s not on his game continually, but a “bum” he is not. GO CAPS GO!!!

The first season of the Muppet Show has recently come out on DVD and at the current moment, I still have Netflix, so I am now watching the Muppet Show while I’m waiting for the laundry to dry. It’s not quite as amusing as it was when I was a kid, but who just can’t love Animal!! The opening Muppet Show is one of my favorites. I tell people I’m probably going to end up like one of those two older guys who sit in the balcony and make wise cracks throughout the show. Right now they’re giving Milton Burl a hard time. It’s a great skit!! During the Don knotts show, one of the guys in the balcony said to the other, “there’s something wrong with our seats.” The other asked “why” and the first replied, “They’re facing the stage!” Heee-heee. I just love those guys. There are only two character voices I can impersonate. One is baby Gonzo from the Muppet Babies cartoon and the other is Marge Simpson. Don’t ask me why. is where I have uploaded my music for the listening internet public. When I “say” vote for me, I really mean go to the site and judge. Anyone can judge in any channel by clicking on “Judge” at the top of the page from my profile site. As far as I am aware, is the most fair internet music site I have found. I would prefer if they required the judges to listen to the songs for 1 minute instead of 15 seconds, but the performers can’t win simply because they are popular and they can’t simply vote for themselves. I have been up and down the “Solo Performace” channel chart and am totally tanking in the “Indie/Alternative” channel charts. It’s not a big deal for me, but I am taking the chance, because winners get 5K. Can’t win anything if you don’t enter – right! Mostly I just wanted to have a secure place to put my music for those who might wish to listen. I have been sorting through my photographs and will soon have a link here for anyone who may wish to purchase a personalized print of my one of my photographs. I spent many years taking photographs on my manual SLR Nikon. I still have and use a manual camera. While digital is now the standard, there is something about using my eye and my knowledge of the camera, lenses, filters, film and light to get that one perfect picture that I love.

It’s time for me to jump off of the blog now – there seems to be some more cat-puke to clean. My poor little buddy “Dirty” Harry has not been feeling well and we’re still trying to figure out what is making feel so yucky – Hockey it up music lovers – peace – mia

Oh for the love of all things good WILL SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007, 4:21:00 PM

No going to DC to see the caps play tonight. It seems my mother’s lawyers have decided to really stick it to me. I guess they do not read their written correspondence. I’ll have a ride for Saturday’s game against the Pens, but after that, I will not have a way to get to DC to see the Capitals play, so there really isn’t any reason to fight anymore!

 And you all sat back and read my blog and did nothing but read as died. I was wrong about the hope thing. At least I’m an organ donor.



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