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Temporary Title for Saving This Blog

Friday, July 21, 2006, 2:56:00 PMGo to full article

Hey – would you look at the last blog. A part of it is missing. This time, however, I know it was operator error. I published without saving to draft first. Yup, I’m a big idiot who was in a bit of a hurry yesterday. What I was getting at was this – there was a woman who was a guest on the Today show yesterday morning and it dawned on me while watching her, that she must have spent at least two hours getting herself presentable to the outside world. Every detail was taken care of in her own way. TWO HOURS!!! From my perspective, I find that ridiculous. I can only imagine all the things I could do with two hours. I could sleep for two more hours. I could watch a movie or a little more than 2/3 of a hockey game. I could drive to DC in traffic. Two hours are precious daily gems for me and if I purposely spent two hours getting ready to be seen by the rest of the world, it’s probably my wedding day – but even then – I doubt it. My thoughts are not related to any notion one might have that I don’t care about my appearance. Of course, I do. I shower, clean, wear clean clothes, brush my hair and try to match when I put clothes on to leave the house. However, if you want to get close enough to me to see that I have an errant eyebrow hair and that stray brow hair annoys you, then back away from running and screaming – because that’s just silly. I’m a damn mammal anyway so at what point did hair become some kind of yucky thing?

As for my tailbone, it has healed and doesn’t really bother me very much anymore. Someone asked me why I won’t play hockey even though I’ve healed. That answer is very, very simple. For the first time in my life, I’m too scared to even set my foot on ice right now. I’ve managed to mangle my body and break, tear crack things over my life thus far. Never before did it also break my “head.” I’ve smashed my head on the ice, lost teeth and been bruised in almost every color of the rainbow. I’ve been in car accidents, fallen off of high things and all sorts of other “fun” things before I broke my tailbone and my “head” never gave me a fit when I “got back on the horse” so to speak. This time, however, I tried to do some recreational skating a few weeks ago and even being near the ice gave me the worst feeling. I think there’s a large part of my brain that just absolutely functions under the premise that I will most definatley fall and break my tailbone again if I go back on the ice. I can’t control it and I haven’t been on ice yet. I’m sure I’lol suck it up eventually, but I think I’ve gotten to the age when breaking things REALLY puts a damper on accomplishing my day-to-day activities. It’s all good that I probably won’t play hockey again. I set a goal about 7 years ago to learn to play and play – so I did and I had fun. I met some fun people and now I can spend more time being the rabid fan of hockey that I am.

I won’t ever pretend that I’m a relationship expert in any fashion, but what’s up with people who just decide they don’t want to date you anymore and then they just don’t call you or answer your calls (e-mails, etc.). What a chicken shit way to go. No balls in that whatsoever. Nevertheless, it works out in the end, because I can’t date someone with no backbone – that just wouldn’t work – at all.

Send out your best song and see if it comes back to you.

Waiter – there’s a fly in my soup!

Thursday, July 20, 2006, 7:54:00 AMGo to full article

…a pattern of generations on each unique quilt, as the drum beats a story of nations being built. We send it forward, maybe with a twist. Following behind history is as simple as a good mouse and a steady wrist…

There was a bit more to my last blog, but it did not appear and I have no idea where it is now, so I guess it’s lost and gone forever. Speaking of Lost and Gone Forever – I saw Guster last week to check out what the songs from the new album sound like live. They sound GOOD! I’m a big Guster pusher, so just go and you’ll get it. If you don’t, try again.

I am sitting in my living room watching the news while I’m getting ready for work

The Weight of the Situation

Monday, July 17, 2006, 1:26:00 PMGo to full article

Okay, so it’s been a while since I had a few moments to sit down and get to this blog, but I’m here only for a short time. I have yet another networking class beginning two days from now. I managed to do well with the last class, so hopefully I don’t get lost in all the techno babble I’m going to get in the advanced class. I’ve noticed that when I sit down and read all of my chapter for class, my head tends to think “um, duh, okay – sure.” But when I sit down and use this stuff practically it makes sense and seems right ot me. I also have the tendancy to call things “the hugeybobber” and “the what’s it.” I know what I mean, so as long as I don’t have to teach anyone this maze of glory called “Networking” everything is fine.

I’ve been keeping up with the NHL trades and making sure I know who’s playing where, so this year I’ll be more ready when the season starts again. I think I can wait three months – I think. I have been trying to find things to occupy my time since the season ended, so one of the things I’ve done is catch up on TV I don’t have access to, such as HBO. I blitzed through “Six Feet Under” and totally loved it and I’m now blazing through the Sopranos. I cought up on Scrubs and Aqua Teen Hunger Force (who doesn’t love a talking wad of meat?) and am about to begin Weeds and Dead like Me. Eventually I’ll get to OZ as well.

I’ve also been working on some new music, but I have no way to record at the moment and it’s making me go nutso. I had planned on having something up and working by now, but my “asthma cat” is draining my bank accounts fairly quickly. I wasn’t expecting another cat emergency. Plus, living in MD is becoming more and more expensive as the months roll on. My rent has increased. Gas is around 3 bucks a gallon. BGE has decided after all of these years to increase our monthly bills by 72% and I am now eligible to participate in the 401K program at work, so my budget is squeezed so tight, I’m thinking about pimping out my cats.

I have hooked up a few gigs here and there, but they barely pay, if at all I do that mostly for fun and to practice. Speaking of which, I got a call last Monday at the last minute, because I’m on several lists to do an acoustic set if an opener is going to be too late or cannot make it all. I had 25 minutes to tune my quitar and show up. I made it there on time, but my brain must have jumped out of the car prior to my arriving, because I totally butchered my set and totally couldn’t get a hold of my own damn songs. That completely sucks when that happens. Luckily, I’m a little funny so I could get a few laughs here and there, but I stunk it up nice and proper. I don’t practice the older songs when I’m creating new ones, so I probably could have been mediocre if I had had about two hours notice. Oh well, I made a whopping $37. That’s cat food for a month, so I can’t knock it! I have a few more gigs, but nothing has been solidified yet. We’ll see what happens. My apologies to anyone reading this who happened to be at Old Philadelphia Inn last Monday – I know – it was bad.

I was having a conversation with a co-worker at lunch and we’ve decided that we want to start a group that’s main purpose is to go around and bite, pull, twist and pinch mens nipples. I know the fellas probably don’t have the same amount of nerve endings as we ladies do, so they may not understand that unless we are totally into the rough and painful sex all the time, it’s probably not the best idea to be so damn pinchy and twisty with the nipples. Most females do not get turned on when someone is biting on the most sensitive part of their breast like it’s some sort of snack. Twisting and pinching as though trying to see if the nipple will screw off or pop off isn’t the best Idea either. My co-worker and I think we should yank, bite and twist a few of the fellas nipples, especially when their weenies are “at attention” and they are ready to “do it.” I’m curious how the dudes would feel?

I’ll do my best to get to the blogging sooner rather than later, but I have a feeling I’ll fix the archives before I get to typing out more here.

Music is for everyone.


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