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The # reason not to use Nitro is…

Saturday, August 26, 2006, 9:05:00 PM

…to me, it’s not just a game – it’s a flame, that burns inside and then heads out and takes a ride. It’s the sounds of skates on ice – there is no real price to be put on smelling the ice as it moves up and over the glass – never a hockey game will I simply just pass…

I returned from a 2 and 1/2 stay in the hospital. It seems I had an attack of Periocarditis. basically, my body was strangling my heart. That was a painful sort of thing. Not even the morphine helped. Here’s a tip for any of you who suddenly feel pressure on your heart and it becomes harder to draw a breath so you have breathe deeply, but breathing deeply is painful. If this moves to your shoulders and your back and hurts mostly when you breathe in the immediate center of your chest and the pressure doesn’t stop but gets stronger and weaker, then DO NOT LET THEM GIVE YOU NITRO GLYCERIN – THIS WILL ONLY AGGREVATE THEI SITUATION! If your EKG indicates that your heart is okay and your pulse increases and steadies at fast pace – you are not having a heart attack.Trust me here – we all figured that out together in the ER. I had quite a fascinating, drugged-up Friday and then decided I was ready to go home Today. There isn’t a lot of info. on Periocarditis compared to some other heart related problems to be found on Google. All I can tell you is that an anti-inflamitory and something stronger than morpine IV administered is your best bet.

Well, since I was adopted, I don’t know the medical history of my biological parents, so some things are a surprise, medically speaking. It’s likely this is a contegital condition and could repeat itself at any time. It can be triggered by viruses, but there are other symptons and manifestations, so I can only talk about what I know about mine.Somewhere out there at least two people who created a child in 1971, that was born in 1972. One of them has a good chance of being prone to Periocarditis. It’s a fun one!

Have some music on top of your favorite dessert.


Wednesday, August 02, 2006, 2:43:00 PM

…it’s like being free for just those few hours – a walk through old growth tree towers – releasing all the atomic powers – breathe deeply through your nose after rain showers – there’s life, even in the flowers – misery cowers…

 I went camping last weekend and totally got bummed when I knew I had to leave. I guess one can’t camp forever (okay, I’m just try to make myself feel better – one really could!) I’ve been having difficutly with my mother who is elderly and seems to be fading rather quickly.

My buddy Brad finally gets his liberty soon, so I’m happy for him. He’s been hanging on for a long while now. GO BRAD GO!!

I’m slowly building up momentum for my Advanced Networking class. I’m apprehensive about taking so many classes back-to-back with so much other stuff going on with me, but the classes are free and I have a strange affinity for learning whatever I can, so why not techie stuff. I am not signed up for anything and I’ll have to wait until after the first of the year to get into the certification classes, so after next month I can breathe a little easier – until then, I have to remember that data packets go through a fun ride from start to finish and what the ride is like depends on the network through they travel. Once I get a better hold on the Jargon, I’ll be able to explain it to other people. Oh and who doesn’t feel all warm and snuggly about technology when a dialog box pops up stating the there has a CATASTROPHIC FAILURE. I think that’s a bit extreme. A Catastrophic failure to me would be the blue screen of death, a bad motherboard damaged by a dead fan and a bad power supply. And even that can be rectified most of the time. Yikes!

My financial situation went from barely stable to “Holy CRAP – liquidate now!!!!!” Gee and I was all reved up for new computers and recording gear updates and now I have to sell a laptop and new speakers. Damn – I was gaining ground. I guess the expensive stray cats and the crappiness of the financial state of many Americans (myself included) just ganged up on me all at once. I can’t say I’m thrilled about it, but I’ve yanked myself of much, much worse, so I have motivation to stay afloat. We’ll see. It’s a bit daunting and uncertainty kinda sucks. There’s a way. Let’s hope I find it quickly.

And because the party never stops – I started taking a combination of prescription drugs that apparently causes rapidfire weight gain. I gained a little more than 25 pounds in two weeks. It happened so fast, it was almost as if I one day I woke up and couldn’t fit into my clothes any more. I have to take my meds – that took 10 years to get right – so now I have to reconfigure everything I was doing to keep at a steady or lower. This time, a fair portion of the weight that went on is more muscle than fat for some reason. I’m thick no matter how much fat is on my body. I always will be, but now I have to lose weight I’d already worked on losing and keeping off for several years and was hoping to start working toward losing more to a steady point. At least I have practice.

Find and instrument and see if it talks to you.


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