Technology SNAFU Results in NO NEW BLOG POSTS HERE


It’s been quite a week, including last weekend, for me and the pattern indicates it’s going to get even more challenging. This is a quick update to let the subscribers know that I haven’t fallen into a deep, dark, trench – but my personal laptop has seen its best days as is now on “life-support” awaiting me to save the few lingering bits of data and finally “pull the plug”, allowing it to sleep forever in peace. It was merely a question of time before my used Acer Inspire laptop fell prey to the effects of my late-cat “Dirty Harry” and his projectile vomit. The hard drive was replaced when I procured the device in poor condition from a local Goodwill store and after clinging to electronic-life for an almost miraculous amount of time – my sturdy conduit to the internet has finally surrendered to impending blackness.

In the process of getting a post here earlier this week; a “Smart Failure” notice interrupted the upload and after inspecting the laptop – I agree that it’s time to part ways and find another method of personal computing. I thank my Acer for its courage in the face of more than one owner, a massive amount of stinky, moisture-filled cat puke and a new hard drive. It was an honor and a pleasure serving alongside such an “underdog” of a laptop. It will be missed.

So, now I have to find a creative way to pull money out of a budget that hardly exists right at the moment. I was hoping to get out of my “Barn Condo” as soon as possible. A set of new front tires, front-end alignment, medical bills and now the purchase of another personal computing device seem to indicate that I’m Barn-bound for a while longer. All of that also adds up to one overwhelming idea that I may not be posting here for a while.

I shall return eventually, but please be patient. I have yet to find a money tree and I certainly have never even heard of a laptop tree!!! Much love to all the musical-types in the world – I’m with ya all the way!

ROCK YOUR WAY – EVERYDAY – peace – mia (


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