Technology SNAFU Results in NO NEW BLOG POSTS HERE


It’s been quite a week, including last weekend, for me and the pattern indicates it’s going to get even more challenging. This is a quick update to let the subscribers know that I haven’t fallen into a deep, dark, trench – but my personal laptop has seen its best days as is now on “life-support” awaiting me to save the few lingering bits of data and finally “pull the plug”, allowing it to sleep forever in peace. It was merely a question of time before my used Acer Inspire laptop fell prey to the effects of my late-cat “Dirty Harry” and his projectile vomit. The hard drive was replaced when I procured the device in poor condition from a local Goodwill store and after clinging to electronic-life for an almost miraculous amount of time – my sturdy conduit to the internet has finally surrendered to impending blackness.

In the process of getting a post here earlier this week; a “Smart Failure” notice interrupted the upload and after inspecting the laptop – I agree that it’s time to part ways and find another method of personal computing. I thank my Acer for its courage in the face of more than one owner, a massive amount of stinky, moisture-filled cat puke and a new hard drive. It was an honor and a pleasure serving alongside such an “underdog” of a laptop. It will be missed.

So, now I have to find a creative way to pull money out of a budget that hardly exists right at the moment. I was hoping to get out of my “Barn Condo” as soon as possible. A set of new front tires, front-end alignment, medical bills and now the purchase of another personal computing device seem to indicate that I’m Barn-bound for a while longer. All of that also adds up to one overwhelming idea that I may not be posting here for a while.

I shall return eventually, but please be patient. I have yet to find a money tree and I certainly have never even heard of a laptop tree!!! Much love to all the musical-types in the world – I’m with ya all the way!

ROCK YOUR WAY – EVERYDAY – peace – mia (


Meet a Newbury Prize Winning Author Russell Freedman in Harford County, MD


Just a quick note to share this information with Northern Harford County young book enthusiasts – Russell Freedman will be signing books on May 14th at the Abingdon Branch of the Harford County Public Library. Freedman is an excellent nonfiction writer who gives the younger folks at look at the happenings in the world a glimpse that is engaging, captivating, but does not bog them down in details that might lose them. His latest book is about World War I and it ahs received a lot of great praise.

You can find all the details at the library’s website here. Parents, grab your kids and give them a chance to meet a successful author. If you don’t have kids – it should be a lot less complicated getting to the library. This event is for young and old alike.

Get your read on Harford County (a.k.a. – The Great Hockey Void) – peace – mia (