It’s a Matter of Trust


Well, I had to check with some folks before I posted this on both of my blogs. And here it is – over the last two months, there have been inquiries and comments via e-mail regarding certain subjects I have covered in my blogs. A number of e-mails have called into question the events in my life that seem “incredulous” and downright unbelievable. Yup, I make this stuff up just for S’s and G’s. That makes sense – considering I have a Public Trust national security clearance.

Let’s look at this logically – everything I put in my blogs goes out to the world. Anyone with access to the internet could conceivably read what I post. One of the reasons it is taking a while to get my archives up is because there are some things that have had to be edited. The reasons for the editing has nothing to do with me wishing to hide something (have you read some of the information I will share here??? – maybe you should). I have a responsibility to protect certain people and myself. That is not at all easy in terms of my personal blogging habits. I’ve had to make some compromises I’m not thrilled about in order to keep blogging and maintain my clearance – but the show must go on – ya know.

There has been mention by people who know me or have some knowledge of me that I have “not told the truth” about my children. Yes, I have mentioned that I do not have children on several occasions in a few of the incarnations of my blogs. However, I have never posted that I “never had children”. The “twin” dolphins tattooed on my chest mean something very important to me. People who lose children handle that in different ways. I have not been untruthful – I simply chose to keep the death of my twin boys to myself in my blogs – until now.

Also, I need to make very clear that I cannot give out any information about the contracts on which I work. Anything I can mention, has already been mentioned and is contained in one or both of my blogs. I also would very much like to put an end to the e-mails I recently received regarding my “hockey” contract. NO IT IS NOT THE WASHINGTON CAPITALS. Even if I did not have a public trust position, I would feel very strongly about maintaining my promise of confidentiality with regard to this particular contract. The only one piece of information I can give out to the ever-curious e-mailers is this – it is not an NHL team, but it is affiliated with one. However, I am independent and I am not personally affiliated with any NHL team in the slightest way whatsoever.

One other topic I’d like to address briefly – a “public trust” clearance is not a “low” clearance. It is not an easy clearance to obtain. I’m not calling anyone out, but one of my blog posts was linked to a discussion board. On that discussion board, there was a lot of speculation and bad information within a particular thread. I am compelled to pull a “coach Boudreau” and ask that people try to be very sure about what kind of advice they are giving and what kind of “facts” they are imparting on the internet. It is important to get it right.

Here’s why – more and more these days, the average person gets news and information from the internet. It is the “new media” (which isn’t so new anymore actually). A lot of what is out here in this big old web of pixels in undocumented, unchecked and unmoderated. Much of it cannot be considered real or factual. The discussion board thread that contained a link to my blog concerns me greatly. A person had asked advice about the chances of obtaining a “public trust clearance” to work for the DOD and was concerned because he was forced to declare bankruptcy a few years back after being hit by truck and losing a lot of money in medical expenses and lawyers fees. It took a long time for him to receive settlement money. That’s a pretty crappy situation and it is all-to-often the case that people who are victims of something tragic like that are forced to file bankruptcy before any sort of financial restitution can be obtained, if at all.

The thread was just bursting with terrible advice and just plain incorrect information. The poor person who asked a legitimate question got everything BUT the facts. First, if at any time you are required to go through a PSI (personal security investigation), do not freak out. Just tell the truth – even if it is not good or you feel embarrassed. The truth shall set you free – literally. Bankruptcy does not preclude from a clearance. If you went bankrupt betting on horses and binge drinking at work – you are not going to get a clearance. Just be truthful and specific about your circumstances. Please do not stop looking at job opportunities simply because you have some feeling that bankruptcy will keep you from getting a good job with a clearance.

Second, anyone out there who has some feeling that a “public trust” position with a corresponding clearance is a “low” clearance that is “easy” to get should keep one tiny little fact in mind. The President of your United States of America holds a public trust position with a corresponding clearance. People with public trust positions also have an associated classification that is probably in one of these three categories:  classified, secret or top-secret (it’s nonyabusiness what my level is – so stop asking). It’s not really that simple, depending at which department of the government you hold a position or what your specific duties are, but the term “public trust” is basically synonymous with the term “INTEGRITY” and that is neither “low”, nor is it “easy”.

And for the folks who e-mailed me with the many, many ways in which I can see or listen to CAPS games – THANKS!!! I did say I needed to be in bed 8:30 p.m. didn’t I? Yeah – too late – I’m already addicted to the Washington Capitals, so I’m not getting enough sleep. As if I could actually stay away from all of that red, hockey goodness. I’m very glad to see that the Capitals have started to find the “playoff” in them and perhaps they can get a bit of rest after they put Montreal to bed for the year tomorrow night. ROCK ON CAPS!!!

Go Caps! Thanks for all the e-mails from both sides of my blog – Good luck to all the Bon Jovi opening band contestants – peace – mia (


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