Correction Needed From Previous Post


I was driving home from doing the standard weekly shopping in Shrewsbury, PA today when I noticed that I had incorrectly declared MD Route 139 as the point at which I drew a line between my version of CAPS territory and Flyers territory. It would have been nice if I could have gotten that information correct – but alas – I did not. I meant MD Route 439. Umm, duh. I suppose it’s a good thing my blog isn’t very popular. I make mistakes – it happens. Please disregard my silliness.

I have very little time to blog, so I will end quickly with a heads-up that I have gathered all the blog posts I have ever posted since 2000. I have begun putting those archives on both of my blogs and hope to get 2007 and 2006 on both blogs sometime before the NHL Playoffs begin.

Go CAPS and Go Peter Gabriel (that man oozes music as far as I’m concerned) – peace – mia  (


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