Tucker and Bob – Cancer Sucks!!


I have to take time today to remember two great guys. First, my friend Bob Keintz who lost his battle with lung cancer last year. I realize it has taken me a while to post on any regular basis on this and my other blog. Apologies for my lateness. My friend Bob was a Penguins fan. He was one of those people who you just liked right from the start. His spirit and kindness always made me feel at ease. I know his caving and canal friends think of him often and miss his focused interest and dedication. Me, I’ll miss the back and forth about the Capitals/Penguins and the gentle and wise way in which he faced his challenges. Yay Bob – You Rock!

I also have to send my thoughts out to the Davis family. Tucker Davis was also a hockey fan who I was fortunate enough to meet and share some hockey talk with now and again. You can read about Tucker here. He spent the weekend with me when I was really sick and feeling at my worst, but still managed to have the best attitude ever – no matter what. I got to know him before he found out he had cancer. I was more than happy to take him to a Capitals game for his birthday when he came down to visit. We bought him a “surprise puck” at the game and he was thrilled when his puck turned out to be signed by Chris Clark (former CAPS Captain). He was a Rangers fan, but I still have the picture of him all dressed-up in CAPS gear, smiling from ear to ear. We sometimes sent texts to each other to give each other good-natured crap about each other’s team. It is sad that he did not have a lot of time on this earth. He was one of the “Little Rangers” when he was a kid and I know the New York Rangers have lost a dedicated fan. Much love to Tucker, wherever he may be watching hockey right now, and the Davis’s.

I have had extraordinary personal struggles during the time I have known both Bob and Tucker, but it’s just knowing people who understand my love of NHL hockey, like Tucker and Bob, that has made a very big difference in my life. I haven’t lost my battle – but they did and it makes me wonder why the universe works the way it does.

Love your hockey. Love your friends. Love your hockey-loving friends. – peace – mia sciencegirl99@excite.com


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