Meet a Baltimore Artist and a Languishing Theater – NYC Starbucks Saves the Day!.


Good afternoon all! I have had a fun-filled week  that included a very spur of the moment trip to New York, a visit to an artsy friend and an endoscopy. The endoscopy was rather routine and there were no complications, so that’s all I have to say about that. I only mention it because I needed a person to drive me to a fro. I don’t have family and most of the people I know are many hundreds to thousands of mile away from me, so I gave my friend Todd Conway a shout, knowing that he is an “art-bumb” during the summer when he is not teaching art in Baltimore City. Of course, he’s a good guy, so he happily gave me a place to crash and took me to the hospital.

Todd has done a lot of work that has been featured in Baltimore, MD and Maryland in general. He has managed to do what many cannot – he gets paid to do what he loves and he has time-off in the summer to explore new creative ideas. I’m very, very happy for him. His house draws a lot of attention and he hit the jackpot on location.

Todd did me a major “solid” and I appreciate that given how difficult it is for me to rely on others. Since I had a few minutes to get to the blog this afternoon, I decided to do some blatant “Todd Conway” promoting. He’s been working on a graphic novel for a very long time and I got to see him working on it while I was recovering at his house this week. It’s absolutely fascinating watching the artisitc process in action. Plus, I think I might be able to convince Todd to help out with a movie that I’ve been working on for free for a while. I met some very ambitious local film people a while ago and they just love to intice me with project. This time around – they got me. I just couldn’t say “no”. But, there have been a few snags and I think it’s time for big “Todd Conway” to sit down with me so we can brain-storm.

Anyway, I think if you need something wholly Baltimore and you need it done right – got see “Todd Conway“! Now, this brings me to a more sobering portion of today’s entry. I work in Downtown Baltimore and every day I get to see something that makes me very sad. 1/4 of Charles Plaza consists of the building that once was the Morris Mechanic Theater. I saw several plays there while the Mechanic was still open. Now the theater is partially boarded-up and much of the glass is shattered. The Mechanic went lights out after the Hippodrome was finally refurbished and opened. There has been very little done to preserve or modernize the building. The City of Baltimore has determined that the theater does have historic value, so permits would be difficult for a mulit-use facility.

It makes me want to do something – anything – when I walk by the Morris Mechanic every day and see the same Bobcat and construction equipment sitting in the exact same place on part of the roof. One of my co-workers tells me that the Bobcat has been sitting up there for at least two years. I realize that some people don’t like the architectural style of the building and I understand that there are more modern venues for theatrical productions in Baltimore, but if I listen closely enough – I can almost hear the echoing sound of hollow culture flowing out of the delapidated, unique form. Maybe I should get crackin’ hmmmm – Now where to begin?

On an unrelated note – I’ve been helping some independent filmakers do their thing this month. They have made several films – only one of which you have probably seen. They appreciate my creative and rather, well, enthusiastic spirit, so upon request, I offered up myself to be IN FRONT of the camera, instead of behind the scenes, where I feel much more anonymous. To get to the meat of my point, I had to take a quick trip to a very busy New York City neighborhood this week. It was all quite last minute, but I made it in enough time to have someone make me up and then toss me into the mix of things for a total of about 10 minutes in front of the camera. The experience was a rush in a few ways, but if it were not for Starbucks Coffee, I’d have not made it home again.  There are no Starbucks close to where I live. I used to live within walking distance of a Starbucks. I got my hands on some Starbucks in NYC and things just seemed a little – better.

You most likely will not see me coming to a theater near you, even though, my role just expanded. This particular film is having a lot of trouble trying to “find its legs” as one of the producers keeps telling everyone. Given the fact that several people involved are volunteering their time and services (a lot of both actually), the film will most likely be finished. But in what condition? That remains to be seen.

Anyone have any ideas on how to go about saving a theater? – peace – mia (

Brining Baltimore to life since 1967 –


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