Artscape in Baltimore – We Get Our Art On and Take “IT” Out Sometimes Too!!

… Pour me some dessert wine, from grapes frozen on the vine. Nap with me on a beach, snoozing happily each. I’m ready right now – though I don’t know how. Bring tears and rain. Bring fears well lain. Bring sad desolation. Bring bad desperation. Bring all the world to view. Bring it all – as long as it all – comes with YOU…


Good afternoon out there! I am lucky enough to have the ability to work from home every-so-often and today is a good day to be home. I started one of my cats, “Dirty Harry” on insulin today. My dad was a diabetic and one of the family cats had diabetes as well, so I am not unfamiliar with the needle situation. I think the one thing I’m most concerned about is having to keep a very stable food/medication schedule. I also have a cat who requires an asthma “puff”, but she can go a day or two without and she can get her “puff” at about any time of the day. If I need to travel or work a long day, I will need to find someone who lives close enough to me and who doesn’t have a problem giving a cat a shot. I will adjust, but I am still trying to get a hold of this most recent deveopment.

In an effort to get out and experience some creative flow, I took the time to stop-off at Artscape last Friday. Baltimore is the proud home of the nations largest free arts festival. I hadn’t been to Artscape for several years, but this year, the Light Rail train has stops that are pretty much right at the front or back door of the festival, so it was pretty much a no-brainer for me to hop-off the train on the way home from work and enjoy some music, street performances and other artsy goodies. I wandered around for much longer than I had origianlly anticipated. It was quite by happenstace that I ended-up seeing a tribute to Maria Callas. I’m no tan opera buff by any stretch of the imagination, but my parents once played me a recorded version of  “Tosca” with Maria Callas and I still remember it to this day. Fan-freakin’-tastic.

I was offered a job at MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art), which plays a big part in Artscape every year, but had to turn the job down because I had already committed to a contract. I’m actually looking into programs at MICA. I miss certain aspects of being in school, but I’m only looking to feed the creative, inspired side of me at this point in my life. I’ll have to work on my current “re-build”, as I like to call it, but perhaps, someday – I’ll be back to the school-grind yet once again.

If you visit Baltimore, MD or the surrounding area in July next year – COME HAVE SOME FUN AT ARTSCAPE!! It’s a must see.

As I mentioned, I ride the Light Rail to get into Baltimore City every work day. My daily commute is long and involves a 45 minute drive to the Light Rail where I board and sit for another 40 minutes or so to get downtown. Yes, that’s right – 3 hours of my life are spent commuting. I have learned to appreciate the alone time on the drive and have a small MP3 player, so I can listen to tunes on the train. I have become habituated to my commute and can’t find words (that I can spell correctly anyway) to express how blessed I am to have a full-time, benefit holding job. All things considered, I am one very fortunate individual. Now having stated that, I must balance out that thought by giving an example of how I also seem to live in some sort of obscure, Twilight Zone-esque, parallel Universe that allows me a personal, daily dose of overwhelming amazement and entertainment just by waking up and doing normal everyday activities.

I was later than usual in getting seated on the Light Rail one morning a couple of weeks ago, because of an early morning appointment to see one of my docs. As usual, I sat by the window and kept my gaze on the objects outside, which is necessary for me to avoid motion sickness. Also as usual, a stop or two later, someone sat next me because the train tends to fill quickly as the train makes its way downtown. For those of you who have regularly used public transportation, it should not be a surprise that a person seated next to you is drinking a “40” in a bag at 9:00 AM. As was the case this morning, I was not at all fazed by concealed alcohol consumption taking place in the seat directly next to me. However, as it happened, about four stops later, I glanced at the lap of the fellow sitting next me.

 As an afterthought, I realize that my very first reaction to what I saw might to most, seem bizarre. In my world however, it was par for the course, so to speak. As I caught the picture of what my eyes were perceiving in my head, the very first thing I recall thinking was, “Why is this guy carrying a big, black dildo on the train with him?” Perhaps the fact that I did indeed need to do a triple-take will help you visualize what I got to see first hand. While I am no stranger to the male anatomy, the context in which I got a full-on peep show of a well-endowed, wholly engorged man made the situation a bit less than desirable. However, on the spot, I weighed my options and figured that making a scene might traumatize the children nearby who could not see the newspaper covered penis. Also, it occurred to me that one probably shouldn’t entice any sudden movements when a “sword” has been “presented”, given the fact that I was within firing distance of urine and another, more sticky substance.

In truth, I did gaze down at the “thing” more than once. It was very difficult not to look. I mean – there it was – in all of its glory. The guy giving me the show seemed as though he had practice showing off his member and just kept on holding the paper so no one else could see and staring forward. I’m not sure what reaction the gentleman was hoping to elicit, but I “let it ride”. Upon the approach of my stop, I leaned over to my train “buddy” and quietly whispered, “You should put that away now – this is my stop.” And just like that, he moved a bit in his seat and then “IT” was gone. I wonder if I should be flattered that a random dude on my morning commute felt the need to show me their porn-star quality genitalia? Judging by how well he managed the entire “incident”, I’m inclined to think he has had a lot of practice.

It’s not every day one gets to see something like that on the way to work.

Go ART it up for a while – peace – mia


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