Prison Break Marathon from Hell/Heaven Part 2

. . . Another day in far away – so close in thought – two coffees bought.  You know me, because you know yourself. I know nothing – but sure of your determined stealth. Your sensitive mind won’t let you unwind – my empathetic lure can find you a cure. Did you see me type this out? Can you signal with a little shout? What was I watching on DVD? Can we combine when you finally tell me? . . .


It’s a beautiful Sunday and I’ve got some free time to hang out and type a while. No better time than now to finish my Prison Break marathon thoughts. First, I have to admit that I seriously made comments to those I know who were regular watchers of “Prison Break” that I couldn’t imagine a show called “Prison Break” could make it as a series. When the show was first advertised, I simply couldn’t help but think that it would be very dfficult to imagine how a show could continue once that acutal break from prison took place. Of course, the creators, crew and all involved with that show gave me a lesson in how to make a show a series – even with a limiting title such as “Prison Break”. I absolutely admire and respect the series for that reason alone.

But other things also made a me a true fan. As I mentioned in Part 1 – Robert Knepper played “T-Bag” so well, I barely have words to descirbe how much I thoroughly enjoyed the whole “T-bag” experience. I am a silly person and I delight in certain entertaining activities, so of late, my co-workers have all made mltiple requests for me to do my best “T-Bag”. Yes, I am a female with no fake hand, but I somehow just picked-up the way of the “T-Bag” and while preparing for a training session at work, I must have channelled “T-Bag”, because I get requests almost every day at this point. You have to be willing to dig deep into the darkened depths of the soul to pul-off “T-Bag”. I can’t praise Robert Knepper enough for bringing Theodore Bagwell to life as he did. Plus, I give my highest kudos to the writers for pulling out the “Sona-Hawkins Dance” and the story about T-Bag’s cat who a good mouser. I realize it might be saying volumes about me to bring to light my total thrill in a character like “T-Bag”, but I can’t let that stop me from praising those responsible for forging the way for “T-Bag” on television. Thanks for all the work.

Next on the “Prison Break” list for me is the fact that I took the time to IMDb all the actors who had any significant role in the series. I was familiar with Dominic Purcell from the short-lived show called “John Doe”. I was disappointed when that show was cancelled. It was first Tv show I had seen in a while that I actually liked and didn’t want to miss. I was also a fan of the “Blade” series and especially found Mr. Purcell’s vampire character compelling for some reason. Obsure as it may be to some, I thought the movie “Three Way” had an intersting plot. I thought the casting people got the Wentworth Miller/Dominic Purcell ratio just right. The only negative comment I have about Mr. Purcell pertains to the Aussie accent that I began to notice more and more – especially in Season 4. I’m a freak of nature when it comes to noticing tiny, mostly trivial things in the realm of film/tv continuity, so it’s not a dig or a complaint on my part. I just happened to pick-up on it, and if Mr. Purcell plans to play an American again, he might want to be more vigilant. I personally don’t care about that sort of thing, but critics just love to bust on actors for accents, or lack thereof.

I was also familiar with William Fichtner from all sorts of role. Some may remember him in “Blades of Glory” or as Sully in “The Perfect Storm”, just to name a couple. Mr. Fitchtner has a talent for making minor facial expressions which translate to big acting. Perhaps that doesn’t make sense, but he has perfected the “micro-movement” and I found that talent particularly useful in making “Mahone” an integral part of “Prison Break”. The one discovery I did make when browsing IMDb, was that Mr. Fichner is an NHL fan. Well, for that I think he is a great man. Now having said that, I am not sure about his Buffalo Sabres, because as far as I am concerned – it’s the Washington Capitals all the way. However, I can only be happy that there are NHL fans out there and I do appreciate the Sabres goalie, Ryan Miller, so I will just be glad for the discovery of yet another hockey fan walking the face of the Earth.

Now I can move onto Wentworth Miller. He played Michael Scofield (yes – I did spell Scofield wrong in part I and I thank someone named Julia for pointing that out to me). Here’s where my fingers will really start flying because the entirety of who am has been solidified simply by reading some of the IMDb Message Board posts, gossip and other internet “news” regarding Mr. Miller. There is a very simple reason why I, as entertaining as I have been told I am over and over again, have not tried to get into the entertainment industry. So far I have read that Wentworth Miller is gay, is lying about his cultural background, can’t act his way out of paper bag, is the hottest man alive, is too tired and weak to find good roles, has a bad American accent and the list just goes on and on, ad infenitum.

Does he really want dirty fan mail? Is he a closeted gay as Perez Hilton might have you believe? Is he now a regular on Law & Order – SVU? Does he really like all sorts of hot food when he eats at a Thai restaurant? Is his head-shaved look more sexy than his grown-out hair look? What the FUCK???????? The way I see it, he’s a guy who got a really good gig with Prison Break and now he’s doing something else. Do I think he’s rather fine-looking person? Sure. Do I think he’s gay? I could care less. Frankly anyone who claims to like Scrabble is “okay” in my book. I am a Scrabble fan myself. Then again, I’ve never met him and I therefore, don’t really know if he likes Scabble. People out there have spent many, many hours on message boards begging others for his e-mail address and yet others have spent many more hours arguing if he’s gay or if he can, in fact, really act. Also, the fact that he is 37 and still unmarried seems to get people in some sort of speculative frenzy about his sexuality and a whole of host of other personality and lifestyle characterstics. As it happens, I am also 37 and as yet, unmarried. Maybe Mr. Miller felt he needed to accomplish certain things in his life before committing to a wife and family (or life-partner if that’s his bag). I know that’s why I have yet to marry. I have done the things I wanted to do, so marriage and family is right for me at this point, but I would never judge anyone for being single at the age of 37 – not ever. It wouldn’t even dawn on me to do so.

After spending more time than I should have reading through hundreds of posts and following links that painted Mr. Miller as the either the best or the worst actor ever, the hottest guy in the world, except when his hair is grown out and so on, I couldn’t help but be slightly disheartened in sympathy for him. I’m sure there are a lot of ego-boosting qualities about being so well-known, yet, it has to be extremely isolating as well. I don’t know – I’ve not met him. It’s highly unlikely I ever will, so I guess it makes no difference what I think. I just know I won’t be on the message boards interjecting my opinions and I also know that I am relieved that no one could give a shit what I eat or with whom I spend my time.

It’s probably plain coincidence that I watched my “Prison Break” seasons 1 + 2 in marathon style at about the same time I had a major epiphany I didnt even really notice the epiphany – it just sort of crystallized after I finished watching season 2. I have written that I probably will not have children. For one thing, I’m not married (nor am I having sex with anyone to be blunt), so it seems unlikely that children are in the near future. However, for the first time in my life, I can see being married as a logical possibility now. I’m not against having children either – it’s just a bit riskier for me than most others.

When I was younger, I knew there were things I wanted to do with my life. Against all odds, to the dismay of my mother and the amazement of those who I have met along the way. I have actually accomplished most of those things. I have been in every state in the U.S. I have been on every continent (except Antarctica – and I’m not in a big rush for that). I have seen some of the most talented musical acts in the world live. Including U2, Metalica, Dave Brubeck, Tom Jones, Harry Connick Jr., Chris Issac, Madonna, Depeche Mode, Peter Gabriel (best concert in my life), Frank Sinatra, Aeorsmith, Crosby-Stills-Nash+Young (and various combinations), Pink Floyd, Barenaked Ladies, Alanis Morrisette, Tori Amos, NIN, REM (second best concert ever) and I could go on, but I’m thinking I’ve made my point. I wanted to be a season ticket holder for at least one NHL season for the Washington Capitals and I did it during Olie Kolzig’s last season with the Capitals. Olie’s my favorite goalie, so I hit the timing jackpot on that one. I have an A.A. degree, 2 BS Degrees and an MS Degree and I worked hard and while getting all of them. I took care of my family, even when they didn’t appreciate it. I have worked in a corner office over-looking the Baltimore Inner Harbor for a multi-million dollar business. I SING everyday, even when all hell has broken loose. I wrote and produced my own music – enough to fill a CD. I’ve rescued many animals. I’ve volunteered my time and money to causes that meant somethin gto meI have re-paid everyone from whom I’ve borrowed money and most importantly, I have been true to myself and others while doing all of that. Of course, I added a few things to my “list of things I’d like to accomplish”, but frankly, if I dropped dead tomorrow – I’d go satisfied that I never stopped trying.

Thanks for “Prison Break” Fox Television. In my world – it was perfect timing.

Go be yourselves and thanks for reading – peace – mia (


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