Forgotten, but Not Gone


Well, I haven’t quite been in the blog state of mind over the last year and in all honesty – it was bound to happen. I started blogging about ten years ago or so, and kept it at a steady pace for quite some time. I needed a long break from the typical, “over-achieving”, of which I have been accused by many. Sometimes life brings more than one can handle in any real sense, so I slipped into the depths and swam around in the muck for a while, so-to-speak.

It’s now time to re-surface and catch some familiar air. To say that I get dealt more difficulty than the average person would be an understatement, but it’s also fair to say that I knew it was coming and I did very little to avoid it. Perhaps, I even asked for it. Nevertheless, here I am on the blog again.

My greatest accomplishments in life have come from the doubt of others. Why change course now? I was told that my body was “shutting down” and that I had very little chance of survival beyond my 37th birthday. I will be 37 on March 9 of this year and there is no indication that I’m going down anytime soon. Yes, it is true that I am no longer the flexible, uber-strong, “feel-no-pain” sort of physical presence I once was, but frankly, I’m just thrilled that I can walk and talk and drive and laugh and sing. In a sense, all is as it was meant to be and my acceptance of that has finally brought me back from the murky nether region of self-doubt and despair.

It is a bit ironic to me that formerly, I barely felt pain. Whereas now, every note I sing, every move I make, and every breathe I take (hey, that sounds like I Police song I know) is filled with a stiff, throbbing soreness filled with pain and hurt. All things do eventually balance out afterall.

Since I am now employed again, I cannot spend much time here today. However, before I move onto my other blog,  “Singing From the Crease“, I want to send a fond farewell to Steven Page from the Barenaked Ladies. I have been a fan of the Barenaked Ladies for quite a while and spent a good many years and dollars going to their live performances. It will be a very different feel when the four remaining “Ladies” make a new album and hit the road in support of it, but I have confidence that both Mr. Page and the “Ladies” will move forward into new musical explorations having all been blessed by having their time together as a group. I will miss Steven’s voice in the mix, but look forward to hearing all the new and exciting music. Sing on fellas – Sing on.

Peace – Mia


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