Blue Valkarie is Born Anew


Welcome to the very 1st entry of Triple M; which is a shorter name for “Mia’s Musical Musings.” I’ve learned through years and years of “blogging” that a short name assists greatly with streamlining links and lowers the chance of browser issues on the back end. I currently reside in “Music City Maryland.” The state has actually, officially named Catonsville, MD as “Music City, MD”, so I’m not just pulling that name out of my ass. If you check back here every-so-often, you’ll begin to understand why I might be living in an actual place, dubbed “Music City, MD”.


In the late 90’s, I started typing out all of my random musings on a webpage as a part of an attempt to start a performing, musical-comedy troupe. I was also finishing a second Bachelor’s degree and starting my PhD program. I ended-up terminating my formal college schooling at a Master’s Degree. I think I was in a gigantic hurry to be sure I got certain goals complete and checked-off some list I have never even seen. The performing troupe was basically null-and-void by 2002, but the lessons learned and focus of thought proved invaluable. I doubt there’s an actual institute of higher learning that can hold my burden of “head” and I took that road long enough to know that I am not suited for that type of environment.


Over the course of the years, my musings took many shapes and I created several incarnations of my random musings. Over the last year, I came to the realization that I needed to split certain parts of my “head” in terms of the ruminations I present on the internet, for anyone “plugged-in” to see. This “blog” will most likely contain my thoughts on music, movies, and other more creative and imaginative subjects when compared to my companion “blog” – “Singing from the Crease”. The two blogs are very much relative to each other in my world, but I am not completely sure I can continue to keep them as one single amalgam of “my thoughts”, which I share almost unconditionally with no reservations on the internet, without losing the average reader. Ah, what the heck – it’s only twice the work. And eventually, it’ll be three times the work (just have to stick around to find out about that!)


When the NHL hockey season begins, there may be less written here and I’m fairly sure you’ll catch glimpse of my hockey thoughts at that point, so you don’t even have to be a hockey follower of any kind to know exactly when the NHL hockey season starts. I can’t always segregate my two favorite things. Eventually, if you become a regular reader, you’ll get used to my seemingly random associations as expressed here.


It’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to get to anything of any productive worth, as I see it, so I’m happy to be typing today. One of the VH-1 channels is showing “The Seven Ages of Rock” for most of the day and I am enjoying the entire series. It makes me chuckle a bit upon hearing that the whole Peter-Gabriel-just-came-out-on-stage-acting-like-a-lawn-mower-in-a-very-odd-way thing was highlighted on the show. I love the lawnmower thing and I’ve blogged about it at least twice before. I have always been a fan of the Peter Gabriel experience. I wasn’t even born when Peter Gabriel and the rest of the Genesis guys played the show featuring the red-dress-fox-head, but the second I saw it after I was born, made me wish I was born earlier. I’m a very happy fan of mostly ever little bit of music that came out of anyone ever associated with the band “Genesis”. Also, I like to remind people that both Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins were in “Genesis” together for a while. I run across a lot of people who seem to be under the impression that Phil joined the band when Peter left. I, for one, just can’t have such things floating around out there.


Most of the entries in this particular blog of mine will involve a lot of my random musical musings, as it were, but here’s your official warning that I am not built to, nor am I well-practiced at ripping apart my love for hockey from my love for music. Odd as it may be to some, my brain maintains that the two are not at all independent of each other. As you may assume, there will be some cross-over between this blog and my other blog, “Singing from the Crease.” I will do my best to keep the hockey thoughts at “Singing from the Crease” and my musical musings here, but I can’t make any promises.


Also, after a while the “… ????? …” will return, but only as a part of this blog, not “Singing From the Crease”. All photos seen on this blog are credited to me, unless otherwises noted. Audio entries will be included on both blogs, but not until after the 2008-2009 NHL hockey season starts. I suppose I should abruptly end this entry considering that I have to use public computers at the moment and a line has formed behind (I can’t handle the pressure ha-ha-hee-hee).


I don’t know which ROCKS more – Guitars or Goalies? That’s a tough one – peace – mia


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